Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Green Review 4girlsdesigns


If your looking for chemical-free eco friendly reusable bags for your childrens lunch, your in luck. 4girlsdesigns have everything you need. From produce bags, sandwich bags, to snack bags. 
All these wonderful items are made with FDA approved material and inside is heavy duty sturdy FDA approved cloth nylon. They are made to last a long long time. 

Here is a run down of reasons why you should buy these sandwich bags (or any of them!)

• Economical: stop buying plastic/paper bags,reuse this instead
• Easy to clean surfaces: wipe off long-lasting nylon inner layer with damp cloth; Fabric can be spot cleaned or hand wash in cold water and air dry
• Eco Friendly: stop adding plastic baggies to the landfill!
• In-Demand fabrics: outer layer 100% cotton; inner layer Nylon with water, stain, mildew, rot –resistant coating away from food surface (This is NOT the PUL, or thin ripstop nylon you see elsewhere phthalate free, BPA, and lead free)
• Wraps AND forms Tray to eat from when opened
• Easy-to-eat-from-tray; you may find yourself where you can’t lay out a regular placemat as there is no room, or the surface available isn’t flat. The tray can sit on your lap! Just open Velcro closure, and pull the ends apart.
. Adjustable: from 6 1/2"x 5 1/4" up to 7" x 8" (measures approx. 13" x 13" if opened flat)
• Keeps food fresh for hours
• Handmade with the finest materials in the USA
• Opens easily, closes easily: just fold sides in, bottom portion up and top (with lable on it) down, matching up Velcro to fasten
• Versatility to adapt to many sandwich sizes, as well as other food (Not made for hot food, or microwave)

I also reccomend checking out the produce bags (pictured in above pic in white). They are made of no-see-um material which is the chemical free way to carry/store produce or bulk food items. They are extremely lightweight, yet very strong. You could easily throw them in your purse to use when you get get groceries.  No more toxic plastic bags. I used these to buy apples just the other day and they held up like a champ. I was amazed how these feather light bags could hold so much. Better yet, they are only $3.98 each. These things are just amazing.

Testing: My girls were on a mission to test these for 1 week. So everyday I packed their lunch's with just about everything you could imagine. From dropping them on the floor, kicking the bags, to putting them in their back pack. I must say, they did a great job. I was so happy to find a sandwich bag that could be used with any type of bread. I found it very hard to find anything to fit whole wheat wider bread. These had plenty of room for any type.

Verdict: WONDERFUL! I was just amazed how well these things were made. No spills, no mess to clean up, nothing. They did exactly what they were meant to do. I washed them by hand, put them in the dishwasher, and even threw them in my washer with our clothes. I just let them air dry.  I reccomend 4girlsdesigns highly.

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You may also check 4girlsdesigns at http://4girlsdesignsblog.blogspot.com/

Prices are from $3.95-$10 for single items and $12.95-$23.95 for sets. 

Alyssa "I like the designs on the fabric, my friends think they are cool."
            "My favorite are the bags with velcro, they keep my food inside and protected."
Hailey "It keeps my sandwich fresh and my friends think they are so cool."

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