Friday, May 22, 2009

One women's trash, another women's treasure?

What do you see in this picture? Could this be a picture of someone who needs to buy new slippers? Obviously they are on their last leg. Or could this be someone who loves their slippers and doesnt want to let go of them? Hmmm , I guess it could be either. Well its a little of both.

These are my Uggs that I bought from a thrift store as is in the picture. Yep, I bought them this way. Why you ask? Well first of all, I could never afford to buy a new pair. I could get 2 grocery carts loaded full of food, pay half my electric bill and who knows what else. All for the same price I would have to pay to get a new pair. I paid $1 for these. Yep, just one buck.  I guess I could go buy a inexpensive brand that will fall apart in 3 months but would be budget friendly. Uggs are very well made and even though they do eventually start to wear out, they still hold up. Ive owned these for 6 months and they are still going strong. What you cannot see is the hole on the inside of the shoe. Yes, I said it. A hole. Yet I still bought them.
I think what people buy, tells you a lot about a person. I dont believe in getting rid of anything just because its broken. Yes my slippers are hole ridden and ripped on the front. But they are the most comfortable thing I own and anytime I am home I am wearing these. I feel good about my decision to purchase these because I am buying the brand name. Well known excellent quality brand name slippers. Plus I saved them from going in a landfill. Who ever gave these up, obviously loved them and wore the heck out of them. 
Next time you look at someone, dont judge. That well dressed lady with the name brand purse, shoe's and clothing could be just a Goodwill junkie just like me. I believe you can be well dressed and get name brand clothing without stepping foot in a retail store. If you were to take a peek into my closset, you will find a lot of things. From Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister (im very small and their clothing fits me perfect.) To vintage tube tops, scarves, and shoe's. Almost 90% of what I own is used and from thrift stores, yard sales, gifts from friends and family, retail thrift stores, and even free box's I find. Same goes for my children. My children have the biggest wardrobe's of any child I know. All name brands, all the current coolest fashions, and all from my 2nd hand ways. It can be done.
I choose to live my life like this. I refuse to pay full retail prices for anything. I love my worn out Uggs I wear everyday. And proud to wear everything I own. I hunted down each and everyone of my steals and deals. They may not be bought brand new but I love each and every one of them just the same. So think about this when you look at people, and most of all dont judge. You might even ask about where they found them and find out some new and amazing place to get good deals.

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