Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remember Captian Planet? Well he's back!!!

Remember that Saturday morning cartoon that taught you how to be kind to the earth? Well Mother Nature Network has brought it back for everyone to watch again. Sign up for their updates and be the first to know each time they put a new video up. While you are there, check out this amazing site. Its truly ispiring.
Check out their photo gallery, take the quiz, enjoy behind the scene's interviews, sing the them song, and watch the video interview with the creater Ted Turner. Ted Turner created this is 1990 and it was the first environmentally themed animated series. For the next 12 months MNN will unveil more than 20 episodes of this classic cartoon as well as never before scene bonus footage.
So grab the kids, grab some pillows and let the kids watch these amazing eye opening cartoons. You can find all these and more here

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