Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh My.....Had to brag!

So I took a last minute trip to Target today, just to pick up a few things. Didnt need anything, just wanted to  use up my coupons. Well I couldnt believe it when the total finally came in. All this cost me only $12.08. How you might ask? Stacking coupons. Yep, its super easy and i'm not sure why people dont do it much. You can use more than 1 coupon on one item. As long as they are different coupons. One Target coupon, one coupon from sunday paper insert, and one from on the package. Here's the breakdown

Sponges (2)
2 Target coupons 75cents off each

Natures Source (1)
1 coupon found on package $1 off
1 coupon for free item (from bzz kit)
Paid me $1 to take it home

100 cal pack Nabisco (1)
$1 off Target coupon
$1 off MFC

Fiber One Bars(with extra bar)(2)
$1.35 off each MFC

Starkist Tuna (2)
$1 off each (vocal point)
Paid me 2 cents to take home

Kraft BBQ Sauce
$1 Target coupon
Paid me 1 penny to take it home

Yoplait Yogurts (10)
40 cents MFC
40 cents MFC
$1 off Target coupon

Kraft Philly Cheese (2)
$1 off 2 Target coupon
$1 off (house party)

Rynalds Recycled 
55 cents off MFC

Cottonelle 12 pk
$1 MFC
$1 MFC
$1 Coupon came with sample

Alexia Foods
$1 off MFC
$1 off MFC
$1 off 2 coupon on package
Paid $1.99 for both together
Sent my reciept in and get $1.99 refund with coupon insert from sundays paper. Yipee!

Ritz Crackers
$1 off MFC
$1 off Target Coupon

Total was $44.78
Coupons $32.70
PAID $12.08

They actually paid me to take things home! I just love that. So here are a few things to remember. 
-You can use more than 1 MFC (manufacturers coupon) as long as they are differant ones or dont say 1 coupon per purchase
-You can use store coupons along with MFC coupons
-You can use coupons even on mark down items. Things that have been clearanced,marked down, or discontinued.
-Always combine with sales to maximize your profit
-Try to pick younger cashiers. Always had good transactions with this rule. Sometimes older cashiers question things or wont let you use coupons sometimes. I always end up going to customer service and have them take off the coupons that they didnt. Never had a problem doing this.
-Remember to have fun with it.
-Take advantage of rebates

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