Saturday, May 23, 2009

Problem...need privacy but on a budget. Solved!

My problem: My back door (which is located in my laundry room) has a window that needs some drapery. I dont have $20 to go get drapes to put on my $10 hardware I had to buy for the drapery. $30 was just too much money for me to cover a back door window. Id much rather pay $5.Solution:1 dowell .99 cents, $4 drapery clips (found on clearance), and fabric ive kept stashed away for 2 years because I love the pattern and it was thick wonderful quality fabric.
How to: Luckily the door had 2 hooks from drapery that was original to the door. I believe it was the two teir system, probably something lacy. 1967 wasnt the most fashionable year. So I went out and bought a dowell.  I cut it to size. Used a can of black spray paint of my husband's and sprayed it black. 
I found a package of drapery clips that were marked $8 and were 50% off lowest price. These clips make it possible for you to use any fabric you want to hang up anything. This beautiful fabric was found at Goodwill outlet. I couldnt pass it up. Even though I had a newer home and it wouldnt match, I still brought it home with good intentions. Little did I know we would buy a older home that this fabric would look just devine in. I just hung the clips on the dowell and set on the hooks that were on the door. Done. It truly was like everything just fell into place. Plus looked way better than my temporarely placed cut up pillow case I had put there. UUHHH. It was horrible. 

I challenge you to fix a problem the frugal way.  Think how much money you will save and will be in your pocket and not some retail store. 

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Tamara said...

Love love love... and yes, love, that damn print!! Beautiful and a perfect match for your project. Nice work lady!

Hope all is well for you guys. So happy that you guys are fitting so comfortably in your new home. It seems like such a perfect fit. I'm a good luck believer, and my candle of luck is lit for you guys often! Take care :-)