Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful lazy day

Long long weekend full of lots of soccer games. My girls teams didn't make the finals so today we get to relax. Things I wanted to do did not get done. Maybe this is the reason?

Its just too hot and beautiful out to do much of anything. Don't look at my flip flop tan. I said don't look! You looked huh?  I did do some of this so i'm not that lazy. I will be doing this as long as I can today. Maybe get all the laundry done? Unheard of!
I have 4 lines on the right hand side of my house. The wind comes through here nicely and i'm able to get a ton of laundry done when its nice out.  Each line is easily removed and wrapped up for when not in use. Please do not look at my horrible ugly grass. Or the wood pile that we need to cut up and put in that wood shed you see there. My neighbors just replaced that fence you see and gave us all the wood to use as kindling. FREE WOOD! Just had to remove all the nails and cut them down. My husband is working on replacing our back fence and we will use all that wood as well for winter wood. Free too!
My husband is pretty handy I must say. He built that retaining wall a few months ago to keep the neighbors property in their property. French drain inside to fix the water problem and now he is building the new fence. As you can tell, our neighbors (very nice I might add) can see into all our property and we feel like we have no privacy. 8ft fence should fix that problem.  New area for me to plant in too!  Hopefully one day our back yard will look really nice. I have a beautiful backyard in my mind full of edible plants. I dream about it all the time. Anyways i'm back up and blogging starting tomorrow. Time for this lazy mama to get her butt in gear!


Anonymous said...

Everybody deserves a day off! Enjoy the sunshine.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thank you! I did enjoy it. Today its back to the regular groove.