Friday, August 20, 2010

Glass Dharma Straw giveaway...........again

Remember the giveaway I did a week ago? Well its been over a week with no email so once again i'm doing the giveaway.   So once again is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of my lucky fan's. This would be enough for you to get the straw of your choice and shipping cost.  Sweet deal! Winner will be chosen at random at

How to enter
Read my green review of this company. Then head on over to their website and check out their amazing products. Last but not least leave a comment and tell me one thing you cannot get around not having disposables or plastics.  My personal issue is my allergies. Ive tried the bee pollen, the local honey, etc. Nothing has worked. I have been using Costco brand Zyrtec. I really am not happy about it but its the only way I can function. My medicine comes in a plastic bottle. I wish I could get around that ugly fact but until will have to work.

Now I am not going to require you to share this on your blog, with your friends, etc. If you want to become my friend on Facebook, or Twitter that would be awesome! This is not a popularity contest and I do this for the love of being green and I just love helping people save money. One entry per person and duplicates will be deleted. Lets make this a fair giveaway. You do not have to be a fan of mine to enter but it would be really cool of you. And only cool friends give you things....just sayin

And tell your friends or family about the contest. This is a pretty high value certificate so share the good news.

Contest End
Sunday Aug 22, 2010 midnight. 



Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog...
My favorite is the Simple Elegance Standard Straw, since it can be used in a regular glass.
We always make coffee at home to take with us and use an insulated cup - no paper, styrofoam or plastic to discard.
I am also making my own dishwashing detergent and about to start making my own clothes washing detergent. This will leave no containers to dispose of.

Jelly Bean said...

I love the Bamboo Holders. Super cute. I like reading your blog b/c it makes me feel like I'm not the only one try to green it up! My kids would love the straws b/c they do not get to use straws at restauraunts. Lol. It's so hard to get away from plastic. I say no straws at restaurants but usually they put them in my glass. Or when I bring my reusable cup to starbucks sometimes they will put it in a regular cup. It is so hard for people to change!

Anonymous said...

Ever since I started reading your blog I have noticed all the products that come in plastic containers, I can't believe how much plastic is produced. I have be honest it never crossed my mind about all the plastic because I recycle everything that I can. This thing about the glass straws is cool, my sister always uses straws so it would be cool to win this and be able to get some glass straws so she could try them. Taking baby steps trying to be more aware and change things little by little.

Margie said...

I'll admit I use straws all the time with my would be totally awesome to have the glass dharma straws! I then can go out and say NO STRAWS too! The change would make for an easy transformation. Thanks for the giveaway! Wish me luck!lol

K said...

I love the bendy straws!

As far as plastics I haven't been able to give up, kids plates, cups, silverware, etc. is at the top of the list. All the alternatives are too expensive to justify

matt4melis said...

Read your review. I love glass dharma and I know my kids would love the Set of 4 Simple Elegance "SHORTY" drinking straws. One disposable that's been hard for me to change is ziploc bags in lunches. I know there's lots of products that are reusable storage for lunches, but the plastic bags are so convenient and easy. I pack 3 lunches a day. I guess I need to buy some reusables for lunches and see how it goes. We go through WAY too many plastic bags. (follow you on twitter and facebook :))

matt4melis at hotmail dot com

Patty said...

Hey now, I said it was my birthday last time, what more do you want? :-) I still think the standard for multipurpose is best for my lifestyle right now.

Robin said...

I love these straws and I would love to have the long one. The one thing I have trouble giving up is paper towels. We have cut back so much, but I would really like to stop buying them.

Theresa Turner said...

I love the dots. We use stainless steel straws but they get too cold. Glass would be nice. I'm trying to find a way around bags for dog waste. I use biodegradable ones but know that they take forever to break down. Tried the flushable but they are too stiff to pick after the dog. :(

Laurie said...

Just discovered your blog! I think I like the bendy straws the best. Actually, the only time I use a straw is when I have a milkshake.
My plastic weakness are those gallon sized cheap plastic bags. So fast, so easy for left overs, fruits, veggies, snacks, etc. I do wash them out and reuse them about half the time.