Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bringing home the gold with no waste

Hello everyone! I had another long weekend which meant that I was not able to blog at all. The hubby was away on a motorcycle trip with his friends so I had the kids to myself. My daughter Hailey had a soccer tournament up in Vancouver Washington.  I was excited for her and her team but not excited about all the work I would have to do. 2 games on Friday, 2 games on Saturday and one game on Sunday.  Because it was an hour away from home, we had to stay at the soccer field until the 2nd game each day. Parking lot was crazy and there was no way I was even going to leave. So each day this is what we packed.

Bread was cooked the night before and peanut butter & homemade jelly sandwiches were made.
Lots and lots of water reusable water bottles.
Fruit from Marks NW Produce stand. Peaches, grapes, and banana's because they are in season and under $1 per pound.
Home air popped popcorn.
Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Cooked Pumpkin puree was used from last year.

My oldest had a bag with all her favorites in it. A book and her soccer ball.
The twins also had their own bag full of random toys and card games. They too had their own soccer balls.

In the back of my van we contain the following. Its always in my van because we just never know when were going to need it.

Sport Brella. We would sizzle in the sun if we did not have one of these. Best investment ever! Super easy to put up and large enough to shade all 6 of us. 

1 old Red Flyer Wagon. My neighbor gave this wagon to us last year. We pack all our gear into this and pull it to each field.

4 camping chairs for us parents and the older 2 kids. 

2 quilts I picked up at Goodwill. We lay these down and put the Brella over it. 

1 small cooler to hold all our reusable water bottles and fruit. Fits nicely into the front of our wagon. 

Lots of sunscreen.

So as you can see, my daughters team SILVER won the tournament and brought home the gold! My daughter is the little one bottom right next to the sign.  She plays keeper if you can believe it. Her U-9 team worked their little butt's off! Way to go team! And I made it out alive so it was a good weekend. Hailey was excited to win gold for her daddy because it was his birthday. What a great birthday gift it was. 

I want to point out that I did end up spending a little bit of money. I didn't want to but ended up caving in. Friday we had to wait several hours till the next game and my girls went through all their food. Don't they know I had a plan for everything? There went that plan out the window. I ended up with a hot dog and the girls wanted shaved ice. I warned them that they were going to get stomach aches because they do not eat that sort of stuff usually. Lets just say they didn't finish them and mom was right. I on the other hand enjoyed my hot dog.  Not sure if it was because I was starving or not but that dog was so yummy!

To my surprise they had garbage can's and recycling cans everywhere so we were able to put those plastic shaved ice containers in recycling. I would not of bought them if I had not seen those.  My hot dog came in aluminum foil which also was put into recycling. We used all our reusables and had no waste what so ever.  It was a good weekend all around.

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