Saturday, August 21, 2010

Much needed "me" time

Today I was lucky enough to get away without my children. The kids were off with daddy at my oldest daughter's soccer tournament and I was with my best friend doing our thing.  I really love this picture I took today. For one, its just me in the picture. That was not the reason I took it, it was for the cute little table you see. I want this table, seriously. When I came home and put my pictures on my laptop, the picture took a whole other direction. Rarely do I ever have a "good" picture. I'm one of those people who always have something wrong with their expressions. Usually it looks like i'm giving the stink eye. ??? What gives! Well as you see the camera is in front of my face and Wha la! Good picture!  I felt very independent today. I decided we would to go Alberta Street in Portland and I tried new things. I'm usually the go with the flow type of person.
Usually I do not buy anything for myself and usually wander towards the children items. Today I found this amazing natural stone sterling silver ring.  Its huge, bold and oh so pretty. Plus it was only $22~! Worth every penny. One not so good thing is the way my hand looks. As you can see, soccer tournaments every weekend this summer has really taken its toll on my skin. I'm crazy tan now (almost bacon-ish color). Yikes. I have that kind of olive skin that just tans so well and fast. I'm thinking its the Indian in my blood. Back to the point, I am in love with this ring. I love the color, love the simple shape, and love the giant statement it makes. Very cool.
We walked down Alberta Street in their sidewalk fair and walked past this side road. It seems like it goes on forever. I really wanted to walk down it.....its just so cool looking.
How cool is this? Imagine all the weeds pulled first of all. Come on people, pick your weeds! What a great way to reuse junk.  I love the bike parts.
We ended up stopping and getting some food at this lovely little place. Too bad I forgot the name of the place....oops. For $8.95 I got this plateful of food and a fresh made croissant with freezer jam. What a deal~!  This is mushroom risotto cakes with poached eggs on top, roasted butternut squash, and roasted potatoes. Seriously it was a very very very flavorful meal and I could only eat half of it.  I had a glass of tap water with no straw. They didn't even offer one which made me really happy. No plastic that I could see anywhere. Loved it. All that was missing was fabric napkins.
When we were walking to my car I saw this little tree and a tiny note. Note says to leave a little treasure for the fairy's. There were lots of little trinkets all over under the tree. For once I had nothing at all kid related so I took a picture instead. Very cute.
Then just before my car I looked to the left of me at some property that was about 5 ft high. There were these two little hens motionless and watching me. This makes me want to have chickens all that much more. Still working on the husband letting me get these. They are so beautiful. Jealous.
I had so much fun today. I was able to shop and think about what I was looking at. No kids trying to touch things that will break. No million questions about everything. No yelling "Quit touching your sister, quit looking at your sister, quit hitting each other, no were not getting that, no dear. Ahhhh it was just silence. I was able to enjoy my coffee. I was able to walk anywhere I wanted, no need to avoid things. I was actually able to think clearly. I even was able to stop by Whole Foods on my way home and shop a little. Finally found a deodorant that would work for me, all natural hair gel that smelled good, and even picked up some foot lotion. No words were said. Just me and my lonesome. I went home, cleaned my kitchen, and watered the garden in silence. No music or tv either. It was nice. Really really nice. And the best part was when my husband came home with the kids. I wanted to hug them and tell them how much I loved them. I was happy to see them. It felt like the really nice mama came home. I really need to get away more often without the kids. Once a month would be just fine with me. You hear that hubby? Just checking. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids so much. But sometimes its just nice to get away from them and have some "me" time. My "me" time is not the norm. No pampering for me, no nails done, blah blah blah. My best friend  and I have so many things in common. Driving around looking at old houses and property is one of them. Walking around in small shops and markets is another. Trying new food and looking at one of a kind items is our favorite thing. Today we did every single one of those things. I have many many more pictures that I want to share with you. Lots of front yards, drive ways, and front steps. Ahh it was a good day. Thank you Dulbs. You really made my day. I'm so glad we met and became best friends. You truly are my bestie. I love you.

What about all of you, what do you do to have "me" time?

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