Monday, April 5, 2010

decorating on the cheap part three

This might be the most simple project I have ever come up with. If you need a shelf and really do not have much money, this shelf is for you. I had no place to put my girls soccer awards, pictures and trophies so I was on the hunt for a shelf. The problem is I had barely any extra money. I found a piece of extra fence wood we had laying around and really liked the weathered look of it. Then I found some wooden unpainted brackets from our local hardware store for only $3 each. I once again found some spray paint of my husbands and painted them. This project took me maybe 5 minutes to do and those 5 minutes were just waiting for the paint to dry.

Total cost =$6
Total cost if bought new=$19.99

Now this project is silly but it just goes to show you that I will do anything to save money. My newly redecorated room  needed new outlet plates.  It was late and I really didn't want to drive to the store to get new ones so I decided I would try to revamp them. To get an idea of what they looked like before just imagine your grandma's favorite flower blanket. Yep, ugly ugly brightly colored flowers all over them. I really liked the curves on these and knew if I could revamp them, they would fit perfectly into my newly redecorated room.   So once again I went into my husbands spray paints and found some glossy white. It took a few layers but I was finally able to cover those ugly flowers. Once they were dry I simply put them back.  But there was a problem. The original outlets themselves were beige. Uggg! So again I went to my art stuff and found a tube of white paint and a small paint brush. I very CAREFULLY painted them white. I would advise turning off the power to do this!  Now this isn't permanent because the paint might come off eventually. But it works for now and one day I will replace them. Can you tell what I did? Exactly!

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