Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Project Free organic mulch part two

Saturday I decided to relocate my mint and lemon balm plants. Currently they were in this flower box in the above picture. I some how never realized while planting these last year that the wood to make this box was pressure treated with chemicals. This flower box was here when I moved into the home and I think I was just excited that I didn't have to build flower boxes because there were so many of them already made on our property. If I was not going to eat these herbs, I could of just left them where they were. I plan on using them for tea this fall so I had to relocate them somewhere. Yes this flower box is about 10 yrs old and maybe all the chemicals have all leached out but I didn't want to take the chances.
I recently cut down two shrubs turned into tree's right across from this flower bed and the area was blank. And it also had that ugly bark dust which I dislike! So I took off the top layer of bark dust and put it in our yard debris can. I dug several holes and put coffee grounds (from last year) into each hole for nutrients and then relocated each plant over to the new location. Then I covered the whole area with the new organic mulch I received the day before.  The flower bed will now be filled with flowers just as soon as I pick which ones I want. I have over a hundred seed packets I bought last year for pennies during the end of season sales. Here are the results

 The windows on the side of our home is our kitchen windows. I can't wait to grow flowers so I can see them out my window. The wood shed you see was build to my husband a couple of months ago from scratch. I just added a metal sun onto it which added a nice and final touch to it. Soon my grass will look way better than it does in this picture. I used our push mower this weekend for the first time in months so our grass was pretty thick.  That was such a task! Push mowers and thick grass do not go well together. Soon the grass will go back to normal and the grass clippings will give it nutrients which should help with keeping it low and green.
Total spending for this project=$0
To my local friends/family readers if you want any spearmint or peppermint I have some extra (top pic) if you want it. Just let me know and I can get it ready for you. If not I will have to relocate these somewhere else. Anyone know if it deters bugs? I heard they can help with bugs somehow but i'm worried they will take over my garden. Maybe pot them and put them in my garden? Any advise would be helpful!

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Patty said...

the box doesn't look 10 years old. It looks more recent then the fencing (which is also pressure treated wood). Untreated wood on the ground attracts termites. What do you pot in that wouldn't be treated wood or plastic?

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Yes its more recent than the fencing(fencing is original to the 1967 home and is being taken down right now). From what my neighbors say its about 10 yrs old. There are a few others that were built the same time but used non treated wood. They are literally falling apart and will also be taken out this summer.
My larger garden bed in my actual garden area (whole side of my home) is made from the same material. It will be taken out this week.
What will I use? This year nothing. I will just be buying some compost soil and do mounds. This way I will not have to worry about the treated wood. I will need good soil so the plants roots will not dry out.
All my progress will be on my blog. Ive been waiting for my husband to finish our drainage issue in my garden and he will need to remove the railroad ties that the original builders used for the retaining wall holding our fence up. Fence has been taken down and will be replaced this summer. Why they used such toxic things for the property all those years ago? I guess they didn't know the affects of these products? We will continue to fix these issues and have a toxic free yard for my children.

Patty said...

I see I see. I have a treated wood section from previous owners that is used for roses (which may get changed when we replace the fence one day). My veggies are just at ground level although I do have a thin plastic barrier between the bed and the grass. And plastic irrigation. Most rain barrels I've seen are plastic and my compost bing is plastic. Hmm. Oh well, its a start that we even have a garden! Good luck with all your big projects!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thanks! Today I took all the treated wood in my really big garden bed and moved about a dozen 200 lb railroad ties from my garden area. My neighbor Jessica helped me pull that one off. Think I might pay for it tomorrow....im always sore a day or two later. lol.
This weekend will be great sunny weather so I will be relocating so much stuff in my garden. Picture's to follow!