Friday, April 30, 2010

A peek into my room...You know you want to look!

My husband and I are very "resourceful" as some would call it. Over the almost 11 years we've been married, we have accumulated or revamped lots of things. Yes we could just easily go buy a bedroom set and go into debt doing it. But why? If I wanted a cookie cutter bedroom  I would go to our local furniture store. We really love things that have character. Things that you know you will not be able to find anywhere else. Its kinda describes us in a way. Very different.... In a good way of course!

Take for instance this bed. Looks just like a Pottery Barn bed but its not. My husband built that bed for me for a little over $100. I found a few beds that I liked and gave him some pictures and this is what he built for me. It's a queen size massive bed that I cannot wait to get into bed.

Just look how the front looks like a white picket fence. This week I painted the walls a beautiful soft color. No VOC paint cost me $34.99 from Home Depot. Worth every penny literally. I did not have to open any windows because there were no paint fumes.  This paint was nice and thick so it covered very well. I also bought a new bedding set for $89.99. This sounds like a lot of money but it actually isn't.  This was the least expensive adult bedroom set I found. It came with a king comforter and 2 king shams(king because the comforter is bigger and there will be no more fighting over the covers). No sheets, no valance, no pretty pillows and no bed skirt. That is why its was only $89.99. I actually went to Bed Bath and Beyond and the cheapest adult bedding set I found was $149 and it looked like a bedding set you would find on display at some furniture store. They were U G L Y. Best part was that I was able to just use my existing bed skirt from my last bedding set. It matched perfectly!

So the total for my bedroom makeover so far is $124.98. Yes I probably could of found a bedding set at a thrift store or could of waited until I found one online. I didn't want to wait and really could care if I found it on sale.  This year I wanted to spend a little extra money on our room because its where we go to get away. Our room has always been the last thing we do on any of our homes we have bought. This house will be our last home and we do not plan to move out ever. I want my room the way I want it. Relaxing and beautiful. Just don't pay attention to the sheet on our window. Next thing will be new curtain rods and curtains. For now this free alternative will have to work.

Whats next? Well I will show you things in our room and how we came across them or what we did to them. Stay tuned.....

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