Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is it worth it?

I try my best to be as frugal or green as possible in every aspect of my life. In my mind i'm telling myself "Save, save save!" or "What is the best earth friendly possible option here?". And usually I do a really good job. I'm starting to see my life balance itself out. I save money and have money for my girls to do things they want like soccer. So yes I save but yes we also spend. Then you know how the story goes. You work hard on saving money and smile each time you check your bank account. Feels so darn good to actually do something you put your mind to.

Then one day you hit a road block. For me this happened on Sunday. My dishwasher has been put-put putting along barely working but working no less. Each time I use it I want to yank the sucker out, take it to the backyard and then shoot it. Then I would realize I am against guns and visualize myself taking the biggest hammer I can find and taking all my anger out on it. How dare my dishwasher not do its job. Does this thing not know that I clean up after 6 people? That I only have so much time to get the dishes done before I am onto the laundry heap.  And then real life hits me. I'm talking to my dishwasher.

In my mind i'm thinking that we can just go pick up a new dishwasher and be on our way. I always find good deals and this would be no different. Each time we have bought a new home we have had to replace the dishwasher. Each time it was plastic on the inside and white on the outside. Each time we head over to Lowe's or Home Depot and give them $400 and drag our new dishwasher home. Well this time we were hell bent on getting one that will last. Stainless steel was my husband's goal and utensil holder was my goal. Stainless steel found, check! Large Utensil holder, check! $750 out of our account, check!   OUCH!!!

So I ask myself, is it worth it? And each time I come up with the same answer. YES YES!   Not only am I able to pay for my girls soccer each year (Don't ask...) but were able to afford upgrades in our home that will last longer and be more energy efficient. Were able to enjoy our time without having to worry about how were going to pay for it. I feel good about using my dishwasher now knowing that I am using less energy and use less water than my last one.  I feel good about planning to buy a fridge to match and also use less energy.   Yes all that money I worked at saving will be gone. But I know that if I didn't save that money, I would not be able to replace our old energy sucking appliances. We would not be able to do family fun things as often.  We would not be able to do lots of things. Being frugal and green not only saved me money, it made our life more comfortable and we walk with lighter footsteps.

So now's your turn to answer the question. Is it worth it?

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