Monday, April 19, 2010

Share Verb-to use, participate in, enjoy, receive.

I have several blogs that I read each day and I thought I would share them with you. You can participate with them or just enjoy them. But do receive them into your life! And by that I mean add them to your Google reader!

Citizen Green is a blog written by a retired biology teacher.  Just like myself, she is slowly trying to reduce plastic in her life. I just love her post today about newspaper seed pots.

The Crunchy Chicken is one of my most favorite blogs. My favorite is her Challenges. Scroll all the way down on the right hand side and try out a  few of her challenges. From her "Freeze yer buns" challenge to "Buy nothing" challenge. There is something for everyone there. Don't forget she's on Facebook too!

The Green Phone Booth Where ordinary women become Eco-hero's! Sign me up!  This blog is written by a group of unmasked hero's.  Strong women who banned together to write this amazing blog.

Adventures of a frugal tree-hugger is another favorite. Her post are few and far between but I love each one of them. From her amazing menu's to handmade noodles. This blog will keep you inspired.

Best of mother earth is written by a single mother of 2. I love her clever idea's and beautiful pictures.

Make and takes is a great craft blog. I love all the adorable crafts this blog comes up with. My favorite this week is Cereal Box Robins.

Mrs.Green from My Zero Waste inspires me every day. Watch her heart filled video's while she struggles to better this earth. From her husband who tries to be green as possible to her little miss green who learns everything from her parents. While your there subscribe to the news feed too. This site is just amazing.

The Good Human Don't blow it....good planets are hard to find. This blog is busting at the seams with great info. This feeds the fact junkie part of me.

This should keep you busy for a while. Stay tuned for many more of my favorite blog's. My Google Reader is full of amazing blogs and of course I will share them all with you.

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