Friday, April 9, 2010

Giveaway!! Seventh Generation kit of your choice!

Update:Giveaway has ended

I am happy to announce my first giveaway ever! Seventh Generation is one of my favorite companies ever.  I was offered by Seventh Generation to get their brand new disinfecting wipes sent to me for free. Seventh Generation provided me products to review upon my request. To my surprise they offered to send a winner of my giveaway the kit of their choice. Whahoo!

They have a new line called Botanical Disinfectants. These amazing products kill 99.9% of germs naturally.  This includes influenza A virus including H1N1.  They are also EPA Registered.  The thing I really love about this company is that is discloses all ingredients.  They make everything from laundry soap, spray cleaners, paper towels, to even dishwasher tabs. There is really no excuse to not buy these green products. They sell everything you can imagine.

Seventh Generation are working to ensure that their products have a circular lifecycle, meaning natural resources are being used and renewed at a rate that is always below their rate of depletion.  They are committed to making sure that everyone in their company interacts with—from the farmers who grow their lavender to the customers who use their products—are treated fairly and with respect. They also proudly donate 10% of their profits to support organizations that work for positive change. Did I mention that all packaging is made from recycled plastic? They wouldn't have it any other way.

Currently Seventh Generation has a great offer going on. They have a $5 rebate when you buy any 3 of their products. This is an amazing deal for a few reasons. SG products can be found in just about any store now so its easy to find them. Sign up with Seventh Generation on their website and print out some great coupons to use towards your purchase to get the rebate. You will basically get 3 of your favorite SG products for super cheap or even free. What's not to love about that? Their site is full of lots of information. From product ingredients, thousands of tips, a wonderful forum you can read and leave comments on, and also why they do what they do. They send a email newsletter about once a month with lots of great articles in it. I love this newsletter and look forward to it each month.

My review
The above picture is the kit I was sent to review.  Dishwasher tabs work amazing! My dishwasher doesn't care for the liquid SG dishwasher detergent but it loves these. I really love them because now I can let my girls load the dishwasher and add the soap without worrying about them touching the soap.  I also love their new disinfecting wipes very much. They have a very light pleasant scent and clean super well. I've even rinsed them and used them again. My favorite product is Wild Orange and Cedar Spice all purpose cleaner. Love the smell! I have used their liquid dish soap for a few years now and its the only brand I will buy. I really could go on and on about this company.

The giveaway
One lucky winner will win a kit of their choice.
Choice 1
Healthy Home Starter Kit
Disinfecting Multi-Surface
Disinfecting Bathroom
Disinfecting Wipes - 35 ct.
All-Purpose - F&C
Glass - F&C
Shower - GM&L
Toilet - EC&F
Tub & Tile - EC&F
Natural Paper Towels
Seventh Gen Recycled Bag
Choice 2

Free & Clear Starter Kit
Disinfecting Multi-Surface
Disinfecting Bathroom
Disinfecting Wipes - 35 ct.
Please note: The Disinfectants have Thymol sent (from Thyme oil). These are NOT considered free & clear, but they are great for immune-depressed households or those with small children, hence why I’ve included them here. The scent dissipates quickly.
Laundry Detergent – F&C 32 oz
Liquid Fabric Softener – F&C 40 oz
Dish liquid
All- Purpose Cleaner
Auto-Dish Pacs
Glass Cleaner
Natural Paper Towels
Seventh Gen Recycled Bag


Choice 3

Natural Baby Starter Kit
Diapers – please provide size
Disinfecting Multi-Surface
Disinfecting Bathroom
Disinfecting Wipes - 35 ct.
Baby Wipes Tub
Baby Wipes Refill
Baby Laundry Detergent
All Purpose
Natural Paper Towels
Seventh Gen Recycled Bag

Choice 4

Disinfecting Kit
Disinfecting Multi-Surface
Disinfecting Bathroom
Disinfecting Wipes - 35 ct.
Natural Paper Towel
Seventh Gen Recycled Bag

How to enter
If you want to win this kit sign up with Seventh Generation and just leave a comment with your name and which kit you would like to win. Maybe you don't need this? Well you can still enter and maybe give it to a shelter or needy family. This giveaway could be for anyone. Maybe you just had a baby, choose the baby starter kit. First home try the free and clear starter kit. You must have a valid US address to be eligible.  

When will this giveaway end?
Sunday April 11th at midnight.

The winner will be chosen at random by I will announce the winner and you will have 4 days to reply with your information or I will have to pick another winner. 

Please read my disclosure at the bottom right hand corner of my blog please.



Anonymous said...

Nancy, I want option one. I am always looking for bath cleaners that actually work w/o having to wear a gas mask to use them.

Chris Olson

Janay said...

I would love option 2. My dishwasher could use some greening up!

swiggett said...

I would love to try Option 2! My kitchen could use some green love.

Anonymous said...

I would love to try option 1!

Liberty Hedricks

Heather Zichko said...

In would pick kit 3 - I loved the wipes sample that they sent out. My twins are in size 5 diapers. ~Heather Zichko

Jodi said...

Jodi, I would like the baby one. I always have to clean up my little ones messes. it would be a big help

The Brickey Family said...

I would love Option 2!! My whole house needs to be greener :)


Wonder-ful said...

I think I'd want the second kit. I tend to lean towards all purpose cleaners when choosing a green cleaner, but I neglect the other things... like laundry and dishes.

cathi_back2green said...

I would love option 1. I am jsut finishing out most of my non-green or pseudo-green cleaners and was wondering what to go to next to try. Seventh Generation is already my new favorite for hand and auto dishwashing. (But for laundry I found Ecos, which is even grey-water safe, can be purchased at Costco as a double size jug for a little less than the regular store size!)

Anonymous said...

I would love kit 2. I would like to clean my bathrooms, all 4 of them, with no harmful chemicals my kids can breath in and to see if these products can get the job done.

Michele Y Smith

Jessica said...

Option ONE

I want cleaners that WORK!

I have the dish soap....and I think i am hooked. Let's see what else you have up your sleeves.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to win Choice 2, the Free & Clear Starter Kit :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Amber said...

I would love any one of those options - thanks Nancy!


Anonymous said...

I am very light green and would love to win choice 1, the Healthy Home Starter Kit! I signed up with Seventh Generation and looking forward to trying the products out!

Margie Casarez

Anonymous said...

I would love option 3 with all the baby stuff. Never tried these products, with an 11 month old this would be great.


Anonymous said...

I would love to win option 1. Thank you for doing this.
Kim Wendelsdorf

Anonymous said...

I would like to win option 1. Thank you for doing this.
Kim Wendelsdorf

Brooke said...

Nancy, I would love to win option 2! Thanks for the chance to win!


Holly said...

I would love to win option 2, good luck to everyone!!!

Holly Burke

Holly said...

I would love to win option number 2!! Good luck to everyone :)