Sunday, April 18, 2010

Less trash talk more trash action!

Do you find yourself having to jump on your trash can lid just to close it?  Have you even sneaked out at night to put it in a neighbors trash can? Oh you know you have!  Well it sounds like you need to reduce your trash now. You just need to get some new behaviors and I will show you just how easy it really is.

  1. Use a durable shopping bag Pledge to use durable bags for all future purchases, to collect your recyclables or whenever you need one.
  2. Avoid disposable items whenever possible;e.g (napkins, single-use cups, utensils, plates).
  3. Choose well-made, durable items that can be used again and again.  You will likely spend less over time for well-made items than replacing inferior, less durable goods more often.
  4. Use the blank sides of scrap paper for notes and list before recycling the paper.
  5. Buy in bulk fewer shopping trips, less packaging, more product, last longer.  Refill your own bag or containers instead of getting new ones each time you stop by the store.
  6. Get a reusable bottle and fill it with your clean tasty tap water.  Why buy bottles of water when your gonna throw the bottle away. Reuse your own water bottle and hey water is much cheaper when from your own faucet!
  7. Pack your lunch in reusable containers to reduce waste and save money.
  8. Look for less packaging, better yet-look for none!  Make sure packaging can be reused or recycled easily.  Or even better buy from the bulk section where there is no packaging!
  9. Buy handmade and locally-made/grown There is usually less packaging than products shipped from far away.  Cannot find anything local? Try Etsy for anything you want to buy handmade. I buy my crocheted sponges from here and LOVE THEM!
  10. Get a travel mug for your coffee and other beverages.  Coffee shops usually give a small discount for bringing your own. Remember...those fancy coffee drink disposable cups are lined with wax and cannot be recycled. You should tell them you DISLIKE this next time you stop in to get your favorite coffee. 
  11. Borrow books from the library or buy them used instead of purchasing them new. Look for a local bookstore so you can support them.  You can find books for cheap at yard sales too.  Better yet borrow books from friends or family! 
  12. Repair, refurbish, or recover home furnishings, appliances and electronics instead of throwing them away.  Donate reusable items no longer needed to a nonprofit or thrift store.
  13. Purchase quality used items (furniture, clothing, sports equipment, toys and books) at second-hand stores, garage sales and through classified ad's.  Sometimes things just need bolts tightened, a fresh coat of paint or can be turned into something different.  Get creative!
  14. Compost leaves and grass clippings in a home compost pile and use it to improve your garden or house plants. 

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