Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Dirty and March Food Budget $305.59

Wow what a busy weekend we had.  Friday night I took my daughter and her best friend shopping at the mall.  Alyssa turned 14 and its totally freaking me out.  I'm not ready for this yet. You hear that Alyssa? So knock it off!

Saturday was a busy day for us. We were detailing our Euro van in hopes to get it sold soon.  Were looking to get a newer car with less miles and better gas mileage. Of course it will be another Volkswagen.  We also finished some work on my bug.  Since the van is super clean there is no way I'm getting my grubby kids in it. The bug will be my main vehicle for a while. New brakes, new seals and the rack is nice and varnished.

We had some left over gravel to use up so my husband used it to put around the coop.  This will keep rain water away from the coop. 
My plum tree is blooming right now and wow does it make my coop pop out in color.  This year I will be adding lots of color and trying new plants out. I also want to add more colorful decorations.  I have some wooden benches, a table and other stuff that I will be painting pretty colors. 

I have to give myself a pat on my back for this.  I put this together 90% by myself.  My husband was working in the garage and came to my rescue when I didn't have enough elbow grease.  Tools confuse me! The bin with the red handle is for new food or plant matter.  The other bin is full of 1/2 composted stuff from my other compost. Once I compost all that down I will be removing the old wooden 3 bin system and putting the new one in its place. 
My starts are finally coming out to play.  This week I will be getting my 2nd round of starts going.  I just love this time of the year! It keeps me out and in the garden getting my hands dirty.

.36 Burdock Root -trying something new!
$3.99 Organic Cameo Apples (cheaper than bulk)
$2.99 Yellow Cauliflower-new color to try!
$1.99 Organic Parsley (I miss my herbs!)
$1.99 Organic Cilantro
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (my favorite.mmmm)
$3.99 Strawberries -kids want new fruit
.81 Bulk Sea Salt (packaged was $1.49 a package. Only .69 per lb in bulk section.)
$3.99 Free Range Veg Fed Eggs

Total minus bag credit + donated some change=   $23.49

Lesson learned-Don't take your 14 yr old daughter because this is what you take home.


$1.99 Orange Juice
$1.69 Dannon Yogurt Strawberry
$5.96 Foster Farms Lunch Meat-marked down from $4.50 to $1.49.(hubs thinks we have no food unless we have lunch meat. Seriously...its strange)
$1.82 Banana's Bagged (only .39 cents per lb when spotted. my kids will only eat spotted banana's)

This shopping trip total-$34.95
March Food Budget Total-$305.59

I'm already feeling crappy about all that plastic.  The lunch meat bothers me but if its makes my hubby happy then I have to deal with it.  Since these were mark downs I will keep them in the freezer until we use them.  But still....

Orange juice was a special treat.  I only allow myself to buy it if I can get it at a good price.  My kids love orange juice so they drank it and enjoyed it 100%.  They might turn the paper carton into a bird house later this week.

Strawberry container bothers me as well.  I don't see any strawberries alone right now so I had to by them in this container. Note to self-when my strawberries are ripe freeze them for later use. Also buy a ton from the farms around my home. That way this plastic can be avoided.

So as you can see, my weekend was pretty darn busy! What did you do this weekend?

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Holly said...

I applaud your recycling. Wish we had more choices around here like an oraganic market. Packaged foods or nothing is pretty much the bargain so I shop just around the edges of the super market where the fresh food, if you can call it that, is. Oh well, I guess it is motivation to become more self-sufficient.