Friday, March 9, 2012

March Food Budget $196.33

I'm so thankful it was payday today. We were out of our staples in the house and needed a ton of things.  Here we go~!


$7.18 Tortilla Chips (2 bags)
$9.99 Bag of white rice (25lbs that's .39 cents a lb!)
$6.79 RBST Free Butter (one of those that I cannot afford organic)
$3.89 Darigold Sour Cream RBST Free
$4.99 Flour Tortillas


$1.99 Fresh Pasta (local company! Marked down of course!)
$2.99 Russet Potatoes 5lb bag (otherwise would of been $1.29 per lb in bulk)
.99 Enoki Mushrooms (first time trying)
$6.13 Natural Beef Meatballs ($4.99 per lb sale raw)
Also pictured is dishwasher powder by accident. oops.


$3.99 Puffy White Cheddars (kids lunch snacks 2 bags)
$3.38 Salsa (2 jars)
$1.99 Pineapple Salsa
$3.99 Orange Chocolate Sticks (horrible I know! but so gooooood)
$2.58 Organic Spaghetti Pasta
$10.32 Organic Fusilli Pasta (cheapest price to me)


$3.38 Crunchy Pretzel's (2 bags for girls lunch snack)
$2.18 Heirloom Oranges (sale .99 cents per lb)
$3.99 Free Range Eggs (my usual pack went up 50 cents!! Really makes me mad. Now I buy these)
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (local company!)
$2.79 Organic Vanilla Yogurt (twins eat this in the mornings)
$3.99 Gallon Organic Milk
$3.99 Organic Apples (3lbs)


$2.38 Saltines (2 boxes not pictured)
$8.94 Organic Cinnamon Granola (6 boxes)
$5.99 Cheddar Cheese (another thing I cant afford organic)
$11.98 Organic Coffee Beans (2 packs 2 lbs)
$3.98 Apricot/Pineapple Jelly (local company 2 jars)
$3.99 Organic Cranberry Maple Syrup
$5.99 Sliced Hard Salami
$2.98 All Natural Cookies Chocolate Peppermint (just gotta bake them. $1.49 each)
$1.98 Honey Grahams (2 boxes)

Thanks Theresa for the goodies!!!! I will put them to good use!!!!!


I'm feeling pretty guilty for a few things.

-The 25 lb bag of white rice is not organic.  I just cannot afford to pay $1.99 per pound for organic rice.  We live off rice/pasta and go through a ton of it. So rice is one of those things I have to just deal with. Usually I pay about 50 cents a pound so i'm happy to report that I found some a bit cheaper. This should save me plenty of money down the road. Plus this is a giant bag so I will not need to buy anymore anytime soon.

-Organic pasta. I really don't know why there is a huge price difference between the bagged and bulk organic pasta. Who in their right mind would pay $3.99 per pound for organic pasta? Okay maybe someone who doesn't have four kids. To stay on budget I have to buy my organic pasta this way. All that plastic packaging really makes me angry though. Urrr!

-Organic Cereal. My kids have been eating things like fruit, toast, and stuff like that. They really wanted me to buy some sort of cereal so I compromised with them.  It had to be organic and it had to be at a good price. These are such a great deal at $1.49 because it comes with over a pound of granola. If I bought the bulk granola it would cost me about $2.99-$3.99 per pound. BUT by saving money this way I also have to deal with the plastic and packaging. So there ya go.

-Then there's the salami and cheese. Both are not organic. To tell the truth my kids have been dragged with me to 3 stores and by the time I went to the Grocery Outlet they were pretty much done.  So instead of going to another store I decided to just get some while I was already there. Ugh.  This is why I don't shop with my kids. Today they had the day off from school so I had no choice. All in all the did pretty well. 

So my budget will be pretty large this month.  I should be able to save each week this month because of getting all the staples stocked up.  Only thing I think we would need each week would be milk and maybe some fruit. We will see how it plays out. 

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