Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Food Budget $252.44

Note:I normally do not shop here because of their crazy prices and lack of organic anything. But I once in a while I need meat for my dog. This is why I went there today.

$49.99 Bison Meat 1 lb pack all natural no hormones used. These were marked down to sell fast & must be frozen. Normally this meat sells for $9-$12 per lb so I snatched them all up.  Not local to me but at this price I couldn't say no. I do know a local bison seller for in the future. I have so much meat in the freezer that I won't need to buy any anytime soon. Woot!

Note-This is the first time we will be eating bison. If you have any to die for meal using bison please share with me!

$3.00 Albertson's Cream Cheese.Bought 2 packs. Did you know that a 13 yr old cannot survive without cream cheese? Me either.

$1.14 Spotted Banana's

$1.98 Lunch Meat marked down which means it must be used or frozen fast. Again my husband thinks there is no food in the kitchen unless there is lunch meat. He likes his lunch meat, what can I say? Ugh

March total so far-$252.44
Yikes! The good news is that I will not need much food from here on out.  Only thing I will need is produce and milk.  My freezer if packed full with meat but looks empty because we have been eating up all our jellies and frozen pumpkin.  I'm also over loaded with empty mason jars. So much so that I have no more room for any. Yeah right lol.  Can't wait till the garden gets going and I can fill my freezer up again. Love my life!

Oops, look what I bought! My Oster machine quit on me today after 2 years of daily use.  I only paid $50 for that machine so I think I used it as far as it will go.  So after doing much research I purchased this machine.  I could of saved about $30 if I purchased this online but I wanted to be able to return it easily if I have any issues with it.  So I went up to my local Kitchen Kaboodle and found this pretty thing there. Funny because online they wanted more for the black/stainless model than they did for the white one.  They do the same thing people! But not at my Kitchen Kaboodle! They were on sale for $229 and have a great return policy. I wanted my money to go towards Oregon's economy and I think I did a pretty good job of that. 

As many of you know, Monday was my last day to go to my grandmother's property to get anything I wanted.  So off we went to gather things.  First on my list was this ladder. It was my lucky day because I found 2 of them. I want to turn one of them into a shelf for my daughter to put her books on.

I mean seriously, how cool is that! That will be a project one of these weekends. Excited! The other ladder I will probably add wood to and put some plants on it in the garden.
I'm not sure why she had this but I snatched it up. I'm sure it will end up in my garden.

I took a few of these pretty flowers.  I only took a few because I have a feeling they will double in size next year and so on. There were thousands of them at her place.  I love how tiny and pretty they are.

I also found a bucket of pretty rocks.  These were added to my border in the front yard.  I am trying to finish a area but its taken a while.  I use only things I find or are given to me. Most are rocks. Love it!

These wooden boxes will be filled with soil and have flowers in them.  I just love wooden boxes of any kind and can always find room for them at my house.  My husband would argue that fact. 

And then I found these stools.  The black one was in a shed so it should clean up well.  The wooden one was in the elements so it will more than likely have a plant on it.  Who knows.

I'm sad that I will no longer be able to stop and visit her property anymore but I'm also happy because it feels like I have closure.  I have lots of memories to pass onto my children and lots of pictures. 

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