Friday, March 23, 2012

March Food Budget $315.44

Whole Foods

Note:Whole Foods bent over backwards for me today which TOTALLY made my day!!!! Thank you ladies at the cheese deli!!

$1.66 Organic pinto beans bulk (only $1.69 per lb reg price)
$3.99 Gallon of whole organic milk (using to make yogurt!)
$3.99 Gallon of 2% organic milk
$10.58 Tillamook Cheddar Cheese (Local company to me. wrapped in paper!!! $4.99 per lb so I bought 2 lbs hopefully will last a while)
$2.00 Yellow Mango's (in season on sale $2/3)
79 cents Plain yogurt (for making my own yogurt)
$2.49 Organic Cauliflower (PURPLE!!!)
$1.50 Red organic chard (sale priced)

Total minus bag credit-$26.80


$1.50 Organic Kale (sale)
$2.99 Organic apples bagged (beats Whole Foods price!)
$2.78 Organic asparagus (sale $2.99 per lb beats Whole Foods price)
$3.30 Organic celery (.99 cents per lb sale)
$2.05 Organic Tomatoes (WOOT!!! In season finally! sale $1.99 per lb which is a good price)
$5.38 Nitrate free bacon
Total minus bag credit $18.00
Total of todays' buys $44.80
Total for the month so far $315.44

First of all let me give a shout out to my local Whole Foods store.  I could of easily thrown in my cart the already precut cheese wrapped in plastic.  But since I'm trying to rid plastic out of my life I thought I would just ask her for non plastic wrapped cheese.  She said she could wrap any cheese I wanted in paper.  I about jumped for joy. The paper is lined with wax but can be recycled.  Much better than what I have been buying. Baby steps!

Second thing is always ask if you don't see an item your looking for.  New Seasons had no bits n pieces of nitrate free bacon in their deli area.  So I asked the nice man and he said he would look.  And then he came out and said all he had was two pounds. Sweet! I'll take it! Please wrap it in paper! So there ya go.  If you don't see it, then ask for it!

Last but not least I will be attempting to make my own yogurt which is why I have so much milk.  So excited!

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