Sunday, March 25, 2012

Budget friendly day trip to Portland Rose Gardens

If you live near Portland Oregon then you must come see this beautiful place.  Portland Rose Gardens is free to the public and has one of the most extensive rose collections ever.  Click the link to find out more information and directions to get there.  It really was a beautiful afternoon and the perfect time for a good hike. 
This place is huge.  Right now the roses are not in bloom but its still really beautiful and worth the trip.

I like this variety of rose! Sums up myself pretty darn good.

I'm pretty sure this guy was violated.  Lucky guy has 3 ladies on his arms. 

So many different flowers everywhere.  I just love the colors on this one.

There are benches everywhere for those of you who want to come and relax.  It really is peaceful here.

There is a outside auditorium that is really large.  I'm sure they hold events here. Heck maybe even some weddings. 
I mean look at this place.  Its just beautiful.  Also maybe a good place to let the kids get their wiggles out of their system.

Or maybe you want to just take a nap? Yep they have places for those too.

This place was built pretty well.  Even has its own water draining system. 

This blue shed has a wonderful plant growing up the side.  How cool is that!

Just remember that all that walking down hill means you will have to walk back up the hill.  And don't forget to walk off the beaten path.  There are lots of different trails and paths to walk.

Nature is everywhere you look.  It really can make it own path.

I have no idea what plant this is but it smells AMAZING!! Anyone know what bush this is???

Now I will leave you with this view.  You can see the beautiful city of Portland down the hill.  This is why I love Oregon so much.  I have yet to find a place here that I don't love.  Always green and always beautiful.  So next time your looking for a low cost or free thing to do, remember this place.  Its free and everyone will love it.  Pack your own lunch and have a picnic!

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