Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clothe Challenge Continued...

Its been one week now and were still going good. I thought I would just update you on the good or bad of this challenge so far.

NOTE:I have regular toilet paper for my guest. Ive had people comment how they feel bad for my guest that come over. I took this into consideration when I first started this challenge. My views are not everyone's views and I understand that.

-My kids have been doing this with no reminders from me. My favorite pro so far!

-Sometimes they throw them in the toilet which means mama goes fishing. Only happened twice so far....thankfully

-Not enough for a whole wash of just pee pee clothes (my kids call them that) so they get washed with all our usual clothes. Our clothes do not smell of pee and everything gets clean like usual.

-We choose to keep a small basket on the back of the toilet for our clean ones, and hang a net bag on the toilet paper roll for everyone to put dirty ones in.

-I can easily just toss the net bag into the wash with all dirty ones inside. They stay contained and get clean. When put in the dryer, I open the net bag and dry them with all the other clothes.

-For now my cut up rags work. I will be looking for better ones or make better ones later. For now, these are free and they work.

-We have used only 2 single rolls of toilet paper since last week. Usually we go through one and sometimes two a day. Will be discussing how much toilet paper to use with #2. My kids use way too much.

-My bathroom does not smell like pee or anything. I was thinking it might since we hang our net bag by the toilet. Some blogs recommend keeping a container filled with water for their dirty rags. I have small children and this will not work for me. The dirty rags dry pretty quick and I do laundry 2 times a day so there is never any dirty rags laying around.

-Summer time rolls around, its going to get interesting. I hand dry all our clothing during the dry weather. Might have to extend my line longer to accommodate all the small rags. Mental picture comes to mind lol

So far my thoughts? I am loving it. I actually prefer the rags now. Toilet paper is scratchy and I cannot believe how long I used it. Wonder if my mother ever thought of doing this? She did all kinds of crazy frugal things so I'm sure it ran across her mind.

Comments-Ive had good and bad comments. Some saying its going too far, some say its gross and some supporting this whole idea and are joining me in my challenge. I guess it just depends on who you are and what kind of lifestyle you have. As for us, we are minimalist, green living, frugal inspired, granola and hippy loving people. Of course this would of eventually happened to us. I can only handle 2 challenges at a time. For now its this one and getting rid of all plastic (which I'm almost all the way done Yeah for me!).
Your thoughts? You have a pro or con? Have some extra tips on the subject? Would love to hear from you all!

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