Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little things I love

Glass glass and more glass. I love using an item for a completely different task. Tall glass items on the left with a rubber seal were bought at Goodwill Outlet by the pound. I think I paid 33 cents per pound so I might have paid $1 for both of these. Perfect size for granola bars and candied almonds. All others are mason jars not currently in use for canning. I can easily put my recently dehydrated apple slices, homemade chex mix, hemp hulled seed, or even just pumpkin seeds in these. Throw in a lazy susan you you have a great storage system. I just love how pretty they look and there is no more opening up all kinds of containers just to see what it is.

Now you can easily do this on the cheap. As stated above Goodwill is a great place to start. You can use your not in use canning jars or save glass containers from other products. Pickle jars are great for this. I found large glass storage containers at Target for $9.99 but that is just too much money for me to pay. Years ago I bought 2 which are kept on my counter with whole wheat noodles. Vintage Tupperware scoops in each one. Love it!

Not pictured is my spice rack. I have 2 two tier lazy susans in my kitchen. They are filled with spice jars I have bought, Tupperware spice containers found used, and small canning jars labeled. I love my canning jars. We go through a ton of cumin and chili powder so I needed something a bit larger than a standard chili powder spice bottle. I also buy my spices in bulk so its cheaper. I find the glass containers keep my spices much longer than the standard plastic ones. I would of taken a picture but its not organized and really isn't pretty. Give me time....

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