Sunday, January 3, 2010

Start making money 2010

If you have not signed up with any money making sites, I recommend doing it now. Start this year by making money so that by the time Christmas comes, you will have some extra cash and even some gift cards to give away. This year I was able to give more and I felt so proud of myself. I worked all year long to earn money and gift cards. Definitely worth it. I only have a few places that I make money and only because they are super easy and anyone can do them. Survey sites are good if you have time, but having 4 children means I do not have that much extra time. I recommend using a email just for these sites. It takes only a few minutes each day to click all emails but I promise it goes fast. So here are my favorites.

My Points
This is free and super easy to do. Just sign up for free and fill out the profile status. Tip-sign up for everything they ask. Buying a car? sure. Buying a home? Sure. Everything you say yes to, they will send you more offers which means more points which means more money! Each email they send you ( you will get about 2-5 a day), just click on the "get points" orange box and another site will pop up. Just click out of there and you just earned 5 points. Shop through their site and earn points. Sometimes they have surveys on their home site and you can earn points. They also will send surveys you can qualify for and get 50 points for those or just 10 points for trying and not qualifying for. Download their tool bar and get 100 points. Use their tool bar to search for things and get more points! See how this works? Once you have earned at least 1,450 points, you can earn a $10 gift card of your choice of over 70 merchants. I usually choose Target so I can buy groceries or anything else I need. The points add up quick and you get your prize. They send them to you no shipping charge. You can give them away as gifts too, cards do not have your name on them. One account per person, per email. 18 and over. My husband and I both have accounts. Hurry and do it today so you can earn points!

Inbox Dollars
This one is about the same as above but instead of earning points, you earn money. Again sign up for free. No need to fill out a profile, just your name and address should be enough. You get $5 just for signing up! They will start sending you emails, you just click the "confirm this email" box and again it will send you to another site. Click out of there and you have earned some change. Each email is worth a few pennies. I do have to admit it takes a bit more time for this site but you get cash and not gift cards. Who doesn't want cash? Earn $30 and you can have a check sent to you for free. There are other options but they cost you. There is a $3 fee for so you will get a check for $27 sent directly to you. Once you submit for a check, it takes up to a month to get. This is why you need to start now. By the time you get $30 it will be around October, you will submit it and get it by November and then you can use it for Christmas. You can also make money from offers they have. They do have 100% free offers, or if you shop then you can earn money through them when you do shop. So there are many ways to earn money. I usually just do the emails.

Send Earnings
This site is literally the same as above, in fact I think they are owned by the same people. So everything I stated above applies to this site. Again sign up is free. I signed up for both of these the same day and I earned $30 quicker with Inbox Dollars. Either way, I was earning money. I made $54 last year for just getting emails. Not bad huh? Sign up for this one too and start making money.

My next installment will be my favorite sites to get free products. I get so much free products each year and am excited to share my secrets with you!

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Ria said...

I love using SwagBucks. It's a pretty nifty site, and even though most of it is an "exchange points for products" system, they do have a deal where a certain number of points can be exchanged for $5 straight into your PayPal account, which is pretty nifty.

I've had bad luck with a lot of survey sites, even ones that are supposed to be legit. So far, I still haven't received about $25 in cheques from about 4 years ago, and by this point I doubt they'll ever come. I got kind of burned on surveys-for-cash sites that way. I didn't lose anything but my time, but I still didn't get what I was supposed to.