Monday, January 4, 2010

Frugal Fashions Total outfit for $4.46

Frugal fashion is not what you think. Memories of my childhood come to mind when I think about second hand clothing. My mother was a thrift shop rat for as long as I can remember. Up to this day you can find her along with my sister digging in 2nd hand bins. The fashion back in the day was not the priority, but more of a function. A lot of polyester, yellow, orange, floral, and even some corduroy was involved. I have my childhood pictures to prove every single one of these items. Late 70's and early 80's were just horrible fashion days in my opinion. lol Well those days are over!
My favorite place to go is the local Goodwill Outlet where almost everything is sold by the pound. Everything in this place is unsold items from nearby Goodwill's or were donated from locals. I just love going to goodwill, unloading what we do not want, and then buying what I do want. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. I always have a goal of buying more than 20 lbs so that I can get it for 89 cents per lb. SO CHEAP! Just this week I bought about 38 pounds of stuff and only spent about $35. I would of spent well over $200 for these if I bought them new. Along with clothing I found a bread pan with paddle that will fit my bread machine at home. Somewhere down the line I know I will need a new one and it will cost me over $10 for sure to get a new one. I found lots of stuff for myself, lots for the kids and ironically only one t-shirt for my husband. For some reason its hard to find his size.
My outfit
Shirt-Old Navy cotton top brand new and never washed. No tags so I think that someone bought it and never wore it or maybe it was a gift and not their color. Cost to me:maybe 25 cents

Jeans-American Eagle boot cut jeans that retail for $39.50. Broken zipper and a bit too long. These jeans had only been worn maybe a few times because they have no wear and no color fading at all. They still feel brand new. I was not sure if I would fit them (no fitting rooms so you have to know your sizes well) but threw them in anyways. These jeans are super stretchy so I stitched up the zipper knowing I would never be able to zip them up again. I'm not that handy sewing and there is no way I would replace that zipper. But I did only stitch the zipper area and I can unbutton them. Since they were too long, I simply took a pair of my existing jeans and laid them on the floor. I then took my new too long jeans and laid them on top of those jeans. I folded them up 2 inches and did a quick stitch along the hem. Took about 15 minutes to do all this but look at the end result. Can you tell if my zipper is broken? Can you tell that they were hemmed? Didn't think so! Cost to me:Maybe 50 cents

Slippers-Again these were a Goodwill find from another trip. These are Uggs and usually cost $120 a pair. Cost to me: Maybe 75 cents.

Belt-I did buy this new but it was super cheap. I paid $1 for this belt from Old Navy. It was a after season clearance sale. I have a gold one too. It just adds a little extra touch to my outfit. Plus it matched my necklace.

Necklace-Remember those $5 off your $5 purchase at Hallmark coupons? One necklace is $2.99 and one charm is also $2.99. Bringing my total to $5.98. With the coupon it was only .98 cents. I am wearing 2 of them. My cost:$1.96

Total outfit cost:$4.46

So do I look like I wear second hand clothing? Do you have to go broke to look good? No! I will be bringing you more frugal fashions in the future. I just love finding cool things and paying almost nothing for them! Wont you join me on my adventure?

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