Sunday, January 31, 2010

Green Review Wholesome Sweeteners

Wholesome Sweeteners is a brand that I fell in love with. They have everything you need to sweeten up  just about everything. They were kind enough to send me several samples to try out and review for free. It was like Christmas in my home when the box arrived. Honey and sugar oh my oh my!
A few things you need to know about this company.
-They are the leader in natural organic sweeteners
-Made traditionally, minimally processed
-Partnered with AIB Certified organic sugar producer in the world to bring you a full line of organic sweeteners.
-Fair Trade Certified
-USDA Organic
-Appropriate for Kosher, vegetarian, began, halal and gluten-free diets.
-Made without the use of animal by-product

Fair Trade-What does this mean? Well a fair price is paid directly to farmers for their crops so that they can keep their land, send their kids to school and build thriving communities.

Organic Certified-To be certified organic they need to be the following. Grown and processed without exposure to synthetic chemicals, additives or GMO's.

Honey and agave-Made from green-cut cane and hand-harvested agave and honey;the remnants from production are recycled as fuel for the villages, wax is reused to help build the next seasons bee hives.

My review
They sent me so many products but I will review my favorites.

Organic Raw Honey-Multi-floral honeys collected by Mayan beekeepers in the tradition of their ancestors.  Raw Honey is thick creamy honey with a butterscotch essence; perfect in salad dressings, or with yogurt and hard cheeses.
I used this honey in our tea. My family has been sick the last few weeks so this honey was put to good use. I made hot chamomile tea with a spoonful of this thick wonderful honey. All of my children loved this honey because of its creamy sweet taste. Whenever they were coughing a lot, they would run to me and ask if they can have a teaspoon of this honey. They then would let it slowly dissolve away. IT really did help calm their coughs. I recommend this honey highly!

Organic Sugar-Free flowing organic sugar. Organic sugar holds just a hint of sugar cane's inherent molasses, which gives it a lovely pale blond color and mellow flavor.  The perfect one-for-one replacement for conventionally refined white sugar. From Paraguay.  I love the slightly sweet flavor of this sugar. Its wonderful in your morning coffee and even wonderful for all your baking needs. Ive used this so many times to make cookies for my children.
You bet I recommend this sugar.  You simply cannot go wrong with this one.

For more information about where to find this brand or want to check out their many different sweetener products, check their website out.

You may find these products in the NW at many stores including Whole Foods, New Seasons, and Fred Meyers.

Note:Wholesome Sweeteners did not pay me for this review.  I received these items for free of charge and tried them in my own time. This review is my own personal experience. Try them out for yourself, you wont regret it.


mrs green @ said...

Oh wowee - a case load of honey and sugar to try - lucky you!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the reviews.

Ria said...

Awesome! Thanks for the reviews; I'll have to see if I can find their products around here.

This makes me wonder if more companies will send free samples if asked directly, in exchange for reviews on blogs and review sites. Can't hurt to ask around, I suppose. The worst they can say is no.