Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your so granola

"Your so granola"
This is what I hear from people, mostly my family. I go shopping with my mom and when it comes time to bag up my groceries, there they are. My mother's eyes . Or when I for some reason forget my bags and either put them in my cart with no bag or stuff my arms with my items. There they are. But I must say my mom has been using her fabric bags and she is frugal in many other ways. Where else did you think I learned it? From the best, my mom. Ever since I was really young, my mom always told me I was born a generation too late. I was her flower child. And you know what? She was right. So I keep poking at her to do more. I encourage her to make better decisions.

"Your so granola"
I visit my sister ever so often and its kinda like the running joke now. Lets see how much we can poke fun at her. I love catching up with my sister and visiting with my niece and nephew. She gives me great clothing when my niece out grows them and I give tips on how she could save money or make things herself. My sister and I are complete opposites when it comes to life style. She has a separate freezer just for frozen dinner type things. I have my tiny freezer filled with pumpkin puree, frozen veggies, and beans I had made. She buys almond/soy milk in the jugs, I make my own. Yes we are opposites but I love her all the same. She at least tries to be greener. So all that poking and teasing is from the heart.

What gets me is cashiers at times. They automatically start throwing my things into a plastic bag. I always have to interrupt them and say "No plastic bag please!". Then they say "Are you sure?". Like I am going to change my mind after I already said no. Really? Did I not just say no? What happened to asking if I want paper or plastic? How about you say "Paper, plastic or your own bag?". Now thats an idea! To make it a littler easier for them to understand, I put my reusable bag up first. Then load up my groceries. Whole Foods and New Seasons are the only two stores I shop at that automatically either toss my food into the bag or just give them to me. No plastic involved at all! Want to have a no waste lunch? Head on over to Whole Foods or New Seasons. They use regular plates and silverware and plate your food right on them. You simply eat them and put them in the bin by the sink to be washed. Need disposable silverware? They have them made from corn. They have a bin for plastics, paper, and a compost. They have so many options that I cannot even describe them all. Trust me, head on over and have a meal there. Its my #1 place to go for lunch with the kids. These places help granola's like me live their lives with no one looking over their shoulder.

So yes, I am granola. Yes I do look silly at times walking out of the store with my arms completely full are barely hanging on. Yes I do hang my clothes in my backyard for all the world to see our undergarments. Yes I do try to make everything possible. Yes I do all of these things and thousands more. Why? Thats just me. If I can make less impact on this earth and teach others to do the same, then this is what I am going to do. This is my goal in life.

So stand proud and yell to the world "Yes I am granola!". Don't be ashamed or feel less than you are. You should feel good about yourself and your decisions. And for those who have children, they are the reason we do what we do. Our future generations are going to suffer for our convenience issues. Our to go, quick fix, precooked, wrapped in plastic, preservative filled, and non recyclable plastic problem. Our millions of pounds of garbage will be their problem. I am just not okay with that. How do you think children learn? They watch their parents or adults they look up to. I just don't do things, I explain everything to my children. Why we recycle as much as we do, why I buy bulk no packaging items, why I use my own bags, why we walk to so many places, why we make our own cleaners, and everything else. How are they suppose to learn if we do not teach them? Its time to set an example. Kids minds are like little sponges soaking up information.

So how about you, are you granola? What shade of green are you? What are your views on this subject?


Ria said...

One of the grocery stores I shop at sometimes sells their own reusable bags (as just about every store is starting to do nowadays) and also charges 5 cents a bag if you want to use plastic bags. It's apparently supposed to encourage a person to buy the reusable bags to save money, but to me it comes across as, "If you won't spend $1 on our reusable bags, we'll charge you for the stuff you used to get for free anyway, so we make money no matter what you do." And then in an effort to save the shopper money, they try to cram everything into as few bags as possible, resulting in squashed bread, broken eggs, and handles that rip because the bag weight is heavier than it ought to be.

I try to use reusable bags when I can, but I have to admit that I do also like the old-style plastic bags too. Mostly because I save them up and either use them as small garbage bags, or cut them down and knit them into sturdier reusable plastic bags.

Patty said...

I get that "are you sure?" question all the time. 'Yes, I'm sure, I really don't need a bag to carry that one item that has a built in handle to my car. Thanks.' I continue to do it with a smile though...bigger changes happen with being positive and polite!

Pam said...

I can't remember how I landed here (Crunchy Chicken, maybe?), but your blog is great. I even checked out some of the blogs you recommend, and enjoyed them too. I am crunchy granola too, more and more each day, always challenging myself. I recently started a crunchy blog, which you are welcome to visit:

But I also thought I would recommend one that I did not see on your list, but I think you would enjoy: