Monday, January 11, 2010

The clothe wipe challenge

I have to give a shout out to my friend on Facebook ( you know who you are!) for bringing The Crunchy Chicken to my attention. What a wonderful blog that intrigued me for hours. Just like myself, she challenges herself to do more and more. But she is way better than me! I stumbled across her clothe wipe challenge and signed up! Ive been wanting to do this for a long time but had some resistance from my family. So when I came across The Crunchy Chicken and her challenge something came over me. I had to do it no matter what anyone said. I have to at least try this and see how it goes. After all, I would be saving some tree's no matter how long I did it.
The challenge is simple-Stop using toilet paper and use clothe. Head on over to The Crunch Chicken and read up on this challenge here.

My challenge

To start this challenge I have to note that were doing this for #1 only. #2 probably wont go over so well and since I am the doing the laundry, its a no for #2. Just not up to that right now. I also just bought a 24 pack of toilet paper so we will see how long it takes till I have to go buy more. Toilet paper is now for #2 and for when guest come over. Now off to the challenge.....This is a random flannel Little Mermaid bottom sheet we have had for years. I picked it up at a Goodwill Outlet thinking I was going to find a top sheet to go with it. I never did so this sits up in my closet collecting dust. Until now!

I simply cut out the elastic at each corner and cut along the corner line making the sheet flat. I grabbed some toilet paper, enough for a single use and used it to measure how big I needed to cut squares from the flannel sheet. Then I started to cut. No measuring or anything. I ended up with more than enough to cover my family of 6 for a day use of the toilet. There is no need for sewing, I didn't want any abrasive corners or folds if you get my drift. The first wash they will fray slightly but no more after that. As you can see by my pictures, I am not the best cutter. As I was cutting, I made sure I had little or none fabric scraps. The only scraps I had were the elastic ends.

I keep a basket on the back of our toilet full of these squares. Then I took a fabric mesh bag (usually used for produce when I shop) and marked a huge red X on it with a sharpie. This way I know which bag is for this particular use and there will be no mix up. I hang it off the toilet paper roll and leave it open. Each time someone uses the bathroom, they simply toss it in the bag. The fabric will dry out in minutes so there is no smell to worry about. Each day I do 2 loads of laundry so I simply close the bag and toss it in our laundry(the whole bag closed). Same goes for the dryer, I toss it in. After the dryer stops, I fold all our clothes and take out the clothes and put them back into the basket. Done!

To encourage my girls, I told them they get to wipe The Little Mermaid or King Triton with their tushies. They giggle each time they go to the bathroom now. lol.

So far all is working well. We have only had to fish out 3 clothes from the toilet so far. lol. My poor 5 yr old twins keep tossing them in the toilet all while I'm saying "Don't throw them iii....". Too late. Once we get past this it should be easy. If you have small children, teach them early. You don't want to have to explain to the plumber why your pipes are clogged up with Little Mermaid Clothe...tee hee


Anonymous said...

I am unemployed, and about a year ago I got desperate to save even more money. One of the things that bothered me was t.p. I felt like I was throwing away money so I googled "toilet paper substitute" or something like that and found out about cloth wipes. At first, I wasn't so sure about it, but as I said, I was desperate. I also had a 24 pack and then later my sister bought a 4 pack for me, not knowing I was using wipes. She bought it so "I could try her favorite brand". I guess she didn't like mine. Anyway, I love cloth wipes and the best part is, I still have 10 rolls left from the 28 rolls. I keep it around for company and any time I feel I "need" it. I do have to say, if I had to do it for a family, I don't know if I could do it, however, it's only me so it works great.

Bronwen said...

We've been using "Family Cloths" since summer '09! I have a family of 5 - myself, My Husband, daughter #1 - 13yrs (not environmentally minded), daughter #2 - 11yrs. (is very GREEN), and son - 3yrs. All except daughter #1 use the F.C. for both #1 AND #2. That's where I find the savings - using them all the time.

I got some wash cloths at the thrift store and cut them all in 4 squares. A little bigger than a square of TP - Big enough. I zigzaged the edges and ready they were. I keep them in a pretty basket hanging on the wall. The used ones go in a little plastic lidded trash can 1/2 filled with water and Borax that sits next to the toilet. (Like you'd do with cloth diapers.) We pour the whole can - water and all in the washer, spin them first, and then wash them with the other laundry. To me, it is no different from diapers or underwear laundry. It does not add an entire new load of laundry to my day... REALLY? You wash an entire new load all alone?? My husband and son are most enthusiastic about them. Great for me that my little man has gotten away from throwing them in the toilet. Once you try them, you probably won't go back to TP. You get cleaner and have to wipe less times.