Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little things I love

My favorite past time is rummaging through little unique shops, thrift stores, garage sales, and local shops. I just love the hunt and it really does make my day when I find something that I love. Lately its been pottery of all sorts. Mostly functional items that I can bring home and use. I thought I would share my latest finds with you. My greenolution this year was to get rid of my plastic Tupperware collection and start collecting glass or stoneware. My kids are old enough now to use glass so I really have no use for any of it anymore. All will be donated to friends or family. All of my Tupperware is from the 70's and have had a long long life and will continue their job with someone else. I'm still a little saddened by having to give it away but I know its for the best. Its time to move on....
Please enjoy my finds and I welcome all comments

These, along with most of my items, were bought a
t a local Goodwill. I paid 99 cents each for them which is a great deal. They are a medium size plate which is perfect for my 4 daughters. Each were so excited to pick their own color. I love the texture on the bottom of each plate and marvel a
t the wonderful colors on each one.
I hit the jackpot when I found these items. Bottom large plate is thick, glossy and beautiful. I found a 4 pc set of these for only $3.99. Beautiful neutral color in the center, large band gold/harvest colored with brown on either side. Love love these! These will be for adults.

In the center are small white dessert plates with a funky gold/harvest border. Oh how these bring back memories. I just love them. This super thin plate is so darn sturdy. My mother had plates by the same company and as far as my memory will go, we never broke any of them. Super super sturdy! I think I paid $2.99 for 7 of them.

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