Thursday, August 6, 2009

Find it jar project

I stumbled upon this amazing site with so many great idea's for keeping your children busy without media involved. Its called "Unplug your kids" and their motto is "Living a TV free life....with a few crafts and books thrown in." I spent an hour just browsing through the site in amazment. That is how I found this cute easy to do project. Check out her site and get lost in it too.

First you need to do colored rice. To do this, check this link out to get the easy directions. You can find this rice pretty cheap in bulk. The cheapest rice you can find is just fine because your not going to be eating it.

Then once you do that project, your onto the "Find it jar" project. This project can be made in many ways, just cater to what you have already. Or go through a neighbors recyling bin (ask first lol). Then have fun making this with the kids.

How much fun would it be for your children to find things in this jar? Just thinking about it gets me excited and ready to go buy some rice. I can just imagine my children playing with this, the looks on their face when they find something would be priceless.

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