Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is why I garden

Each day I look forward to getting dressed and wandering into the garden to water it. Mostly because my children are inside eating breakfast and I get time for myself to relax and listen to the birds. I find it therapeutic. I feel very lucky that I have a place to grow my own produce. Lucky that I can grow food for my family that's healthy and I know exactly where its been and what has not been put on them. No sprays...No nothing. Just good old organic soil. This is what today's pickings bring us. Some super yummy tomato's, 2 small cantaloupes (testers),
some crazy cauliflower, last bit of green beans and small broccoli heads. Pretty good for one day.

What do you know, they actually grew!!! We have cantaloupe. Very very small ones but hey, the grew!!! As you can see by the picture, they are the size of a large orange. My girls say they are very mild in taste compared to store bought ones. They prefer these over the store bought ones which makes me happy. I cannot complain one bit. Tried them out and they turned out great. Definitely will be growing them from now on. My plant has several more growing so maybe they will get larger. I'm just excited they grew and we were able toe at them. Ive heard several people say they don't ripen up and they gave up on them. Yahoo! I'm excited . (pat on back).

So, have I encouraged you to start your own garden yet? You can start one super easy and cheap. My mother uses 2 tires stacked on each other and filled with super rich soil. I use small containers for my beans at the end of my large raised bed. This way I can move them around if needed. Even someone living on a apartment can have a small garden. Maybe you know someone who has property near you? Ask if you can grow food in their yard and split the profits from it. Garden of free food that they don't have to lift a finger? I'm in! Find a local neighborhood garden, or maybe just a produce stand. Take the first step by doing research and talking to friends and family. Someone somewhere knows something.

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