Monday, August 24, 2009

Kwyta Recycled Chopstick Art

Chopstick Art by Bryan Parks.
He had a simple idea, collect used chopsticks, sanitize them, and use them to make high quality accents for any one's home. Billions of chopsticks are used each year and 25 million tree's were cut down in the process. This was a opportunity for Bryan.
From wonderful lamps (pictured above), to a plastic bag dryer, and even folding baskets. They have many great products made from wonderful bamboo chopsticks. I have my eye on the plastic bag dryer. I keep, wash and reuse any ziplock type bag that comes my way and this would be perfect. I would SOOOO love it!
Prices range from $9.00-$42.00 so they are pretty budget friendly and would be a wonderful gift for anyone. Just think about it. You are supporting a local company, recycling, and giving gifts all at once.
Shark Tank on ABC didn't know what they let through their fingers. I think we need to support more green companies. This will help keep billions of chopsticks out of the landfills, support for a local business, and inspire so many people to rethink and reuse everyday items. I'm still in shock that those sharks said no. I do believe money is important but I also very strongly believe that we need to support and inspire green companies as well. Somehow we need to meet in the middle.
I don't believe I could of said it any better. Read for yourself.

Our Recycled Products

It is important for everybody to do what they can to help our suffering planet. Recycling and buying recycled products is a good start. Our products are made from some of the billions of single use chopsticks that are discarded every year. Using discarded disposable chopsticks is just one example of making recycled products from a resource that would otherwise be waste. Please read more about us, and the impact that disposable chopsticks are having on the environment.

So a message from me to Bryan. "You inspire me." Keep up the good work!

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