Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ways to be earth friendly at school time

I am so proud of my children. We recently went school supplies shopping at our local Target store with a huge list in hand. I was not looking forward to this at all because I thought it was going to be super expensive and really didn't have a big budget for it. But to my surprise, it was very little out of my pocket. Why you ask? Instead of going and buying each item on the list, we went through our craft cabinet and found things we already had. Each year the teachers send home with the kids all that stuff they didn't use or still can be used. Pink erasers, rulers, colored pencils, pencil box's, etc. After we did that, we quickly realized that they only needed a handful of things. Yipee!!!But back to the proud of my children thing. We started browsing the store and looking for those few things we did not have and my children started looking at the Eco friendly selection. Instead of getting the "oh so cool" colored plastic items, they wanted the Eco friendly options. Recycled pencils, binders, etc. I am so proud of my children taking it upon themselves to be earth friendly. This means that all those words Ive thrown out over their little lives have actually sunk in. They do listen!!!
We decided to make a list of the ways we've been more Eco friendly at school time so everyone can learn from us.

Buy used-I start looking for clothes right after they get out of school for the summer. Yep, pretty early but you need time to do this. Start hitting up garage sales, thrift shops, and letting friends and family know you will take any of theirs off their hands. Keep a list of what they need in your purse at all times so you can mark off what you have found and write things you need on it.

Reuse-Go through all your school supplies that your children came home with the last school year. No sense in buying more stuff when you already have it. Keep an eye out for sales, and again ask friends and family if they have something you need. Most the time someone will have it.

After Season Sales-When winter items are being clearanced out at 80-90%, start buying items one size ahead for your children. These can be used for the next season but you pay way less for them. Same goes for school clothes.

School Supplies-Keep an eye out for recycled products. Target has a great little end cap of recycled pencils, pencil cases, folders, etc for only $1 each. Keep a rule when shopping. If it cant be recycled, don't buy it. So choose for paper binders, paper folders, etc.

Eco Friendly Sites
Reusablebags A very easy to navigate site to get just about anything you need. From reusable bags, lunch bags, home goods and a huge selection of water bottles. Great site with a great cause. Read up about them, they truly inspire me.

The Rainforest Site
This is a new site I just found. They have one of
a kind items for just about anything you need. Cool bags, jewelry, clothing, gardening, and anything else you could think of. As a special bonus, each time you buy also helps fun habitat preservation. Your shopping helps make a difference.
This site is great. You can get binders for as low $2.49. From binders, tabs, to inside pockets. I love this site. Binders are made from 100% recycled chipboard and everything else is made from 100% recycled post consumer content. The more you buy, the less they are. Right now they are offering free samples by calling 888-338-0924.

Review:I ordered samples and they came super quick. I received 2 office size binders and 2 smaller personal sized ones. They are super sturdy and can be modified very easily. My daughter is in love with these binders and cant wait for school. These compare to any standard binder you can find but the best thing about them is the fact that they are Eco friendly. We feel good about owning them and will not be getting sick from them. No more plastic for this family, we will be ordering from Earth Binder from now on. Another added bonus:They cost less than plastic competitors. $2.49 is super cheap if you think about it. Plus when your bored with the plain or design that's on it, you can easily change it. Because its recycled chipboard, you can glue anything you want on it. I recommend this company to everyone. Have you checked them out yet?

TerraCycle Inc
I must say, this is one of my favorite companies around. They have everything you can think of and its all made from recycled products. You can help out by 2 ways. One is by sending in product packaging and getting paid some change for each one. The other way is to guy products from them and supporting them that way. You can buy anything from lawn and garden, cleaners, office and school supplies, bags and winter and holiday supplies. Just click on "buy online" at the top right hand corner and they will connect you with a site that sells them.
If you want to order but don't want to pay shipping, Target and Fred Meyers are big sellers of their products. From Eco friendly plant food, to school supplies. Target has $1-$2.99 items by Terra Cycle. Super cheap!!

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