Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hard work pays off

Today I spent a little time in the garden and look what I found. A HUGE zucchini which I must have missed a few times. Oops! This I will shred into 2 cup size containers and put in the freezer for later use in muffins.
My tomato's are going nuts right now. Each day I go out and pick for that nights dinner or my girls will have a snack of them. They taste so yummy and way better than store bought tomato's. I think they are sweeter.
Under them are beans from the size of my house. I have a hedge of bean plants that thrived from neglect. These will be blanched and put in the freezer as well for later use. They taste so yummy this year and in this house the bugs don't eat them up. Yeah!
Broccoli is doing good now. Not exactly giving me huge amounts but something is better than nothing. This type of broccoli is not as good eaten raw for some reason. Only word I can use for it is peppery. ?? But they taste good steamed so cant complain.
Last but not least is my fabulous cauliflower that I am so proud of. Its my first time trying to grow it and best yet I was able to get these free with a Mothers Day coupon I received in the mail. Yahoo! Love free stuff. Not sure when I was suppose to pick it but it looked fine to me. Cant wait to eat it for dinner. Mmmmm!
My beans I had to pull today because they just weren't giving me anymore beans. I also pulled my crook neck squash due to the pesky white mold. I again froze most of it but the rest I gave to all my neighbors. I think I will plant some lettuce in their place and try to get the most of our growing season here in Oregon. My cucumbers are starting to give me something so tomorrow I will take some pics for you. My white cucumber is so pretty and I cant wait to try it. Until next time.....

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