Friday, August 21, 2009

Green Review Depth


From hair products, lotions, body wash to even bars of soap. These guys have everything you need to keep your skin and hair healthy. I just love the whole concept of this company. Just read and maybe you will fall in love with them too.

-The shape of the bottle is inspired by a blade of giant kelp.
-Whole Foods premium product-only the purest allowed
-Bottles are 50% recycled from water bottles
-Code 1 & 2 which means it can be recycled more easily
-70% organic
-Paraben free
-100% Vegetarian
-No animal testing
-SLS free
-Blended marine botanicals

My review: HAIR PRODUCTS-I have colored hair and was very skeptical about how my hair would feel after I washed it with this product. Its hard to find a product that will do what it says it will do. First of all I love the smell of these products. They are light and wonderful. Shampoo was so nice and soft and lathered up very nice. The conditioner smelled really nice as well. My sample was very small so I was worried about it being enough. I have very long hair and it takes a bit to condition my hair. Not this time! I used very little and it was enough. I let set for about 1 minute then rinsed. I was able to comb my wet hair with no problems and that in itself is a task. Best thing about this hair product was how my hair felt once dried. My hair feels like it did before I colored it. It is so soft and silky. Not oily at all and my hair felt very light. I am now switching to this stuff. I am still in shock and keep feeling my hair.

Bonus:Their samples are put in 100% recycled paper compartments.

LOTION-After I showered I applied the lotion. It was soft smelling and just the right thickness. I applied it pretty easy and quickly. It made my skin so soft and wonderful smelling. No oily skin afterwards, and my skin didn't feel heavy. I still feel wonderful a day later. My skin feels so amazing and soft. Again I am switching to this product.

Would I recommend these products to you? Yes! Would I recommend this product for your family? Big yes! I forgot to mention the best part of this product. You can find them at any Whole Foods so they can easily be found.

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