Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch up time

So I have been thinking I might stop the food budget sharing thing I do.  Frankly I'm getting bored of looking at the same things I always get.  What are your thoughts? Should I just share the new stuff I buy? The in season stuff?  Please share your thoughts....Here some more boring stuff I forgot to share....

I picked these up on sale a few days back.  Ball Park (no preservatives) New York style dogs only $2.99 which is good because they usually cost around $6.  Organic unsalted butter was only $1.99 and usually cost $5 each.  What would of cost me $38 , only cost me $16.93. Into the freezer they go!

Then I picked up my usual stuff.  Only thing new is the mango's which are on sale for 5/$5. Kids are sick and tired of apples and oranges so this should make them happy.  I also needed liquid amino's so I took my empty container and filled it with bulk liquid amino's.  My cost was $3.99 which saves me 50 cents. They cost $4.49 if you buy a whole prepackaged new bottle. Woot! 

My friend Theresa gave us all of these wonderful items.  I have no idea what the leafy kale looking stuff is. Anyone? Whatever it is it will eaten up. 

Yesterday I picked up these.  Bell peppers are 4/$5 and that's a good deal. These will be chopped up and put in the freezer for later use.  Everything else is our usual.

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Portland Oregon.  I took advantage and hung 2 loads of laundry up on the line. Can you say happy? WOOT!! Don't look at my bra. I'm serious don't look. Okay you can. Its pretty so enjoy.

I sported some wool carpi's and flip flops. It was so beautiful out that I decided to take a break and enjoy my hammock.  I couldn't help myself....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The girls were hinting they wanted something.  So I started to walk into the garden and they were running after me like my kids do when I am ready to hand out homemade cookies. Oh girls you silly girls. I'll pretend you want to hang out with me and ignore the fact you want your crack. Cracked corn that is.

Ignoring me talking to them. Peck peck peck munch munch munch..............

They now know the green house is warm so any chance they can get in there they do.  They are like my dog. Worshiping the sun god! My starts are loving the warm green house too.  Can't wait to get everything in the garden.

I can't get enough of these.  Charlie and the chocolate factory always comes to mind.  I'm not talking the new one. I'm talking old school! Remember the room where you could eat everything? These were little teacups which you could drink tea from and eat the whole thing. It's burned into my brain and has ever since I was a child.  I'm sooooo watching that movie today.

Speaking of sun god......see this white concrete sidewalk? Well its the only spot its white.  The electric company pulled our sidewalk and fixed something about a year ago.  They poured the concrete which didn't match our old stuff.  This is my cat's sun hang out.  What can I say...she's strange. Anytime anyone is walking by there or just near the area, she runs over and does this. She's a dog/cat. Likes pet's like a dog would like. Scrub her belly, behind her ears, on her butt and just about anywhere. Too cute Tabby.

BUT!!!! (no pun intended) I don't like that so stop. That's just gross.  Seriously I'm walking away if you don't st.....

awww that's better.  Cute cute kitty!

I give this tree one week to start blooming.  Nothing in the world like a white flowering cherry tree. Blue sky in the background and large white flower clusters. Woot!

Last but not least look who came out to play? I bought this plant at the end of the season last year so I'm excited to see this and enjoy its full blooming season. My gram's wild bleeding hearts are up and will soon have flowers.  Love these!

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Deanna said...

I tried to leave a comment last night but I don't think it went through. Anyway, I enjoy seeing what others do with their grocery budget so I hope you'll continue. Cute kitty, too!