Thursday, November 20, 2008

25 Stocking stuffer idea's for less than $1

Here are a list of best things found in a stocking for adults or children.
1. Homemade Jelly
2. Tin cookie cutters; can be found for SUPER cheap in thrift stores. Just tie together with ribbon.
3. Moms favorite Recipe;make something that everyone just loves? Make a recipe card with the recipe on it.
4. Paint brushes; What kid doesn't like these?
5. Homemade book marks; super easy to make. Or let kids make these for gifts for friends or siblings.
6. A harmonica. Found at $1 store. Kids just love these.
7. A piggy bank. Found in thrift stores or $1 store. Inspire your kids to start saving. Throw in some change to get them started.
8. A diary. Do the first entry for them talking about this Christmas gift just for them.
9. A kite. You can find these at the $1 store all year round. they just love them.
10. Animal crackers in a box. Found at grocery stores for less than $1. My kids love these.
11. Scented candles. Who doesn't love these? My favorite
12. A pin. Either a Christmas one (walmart has them $1) or a all year round one that you will know they will love.
13. Picture in tiny frame. Found at $1 store, frames are super cheap. Just throw in a favorite pic or a pretty picture cut out from magazine.
14. Mittens-Again who doesn't like these? Also found at $1 store or Walmart for only 1 buck!
15. Seeds-a favorite flower they love. They will be excited for the next month when its spring and they can plant them.
16. A little flag. Show some spirit.
17. Sun Glasses-my kids love these. Also found at $1 store.
18. A letter from Santa. This is a big hit in my home. Kids just love getting personal letters directly from Santa.
19. Candy of course! Not a lot but at least a few pieces. Keep the Christmas tradition going!
20. Personalized cookie. Make cookies and write their names on them. Anyone will love this one. Its a little something just for them.
21. Christmas book-Most can be found at $1 store. Write the year on the first page with a little note.
22. Bubble bath-found at $1 store. I received this every Christmas and it was my favorite.
23. Scarf-Found at $1 store. They have really nice scarves that you cant even make yourself for that cheap.
24. Toy cars or bubbles. Huge hit in our house. Bubbles can be used all year round. Boys just love getting new cars.
25. Candy Cane. When I was young, I always received a large straight candy cane. Now days that's too much sugar and makes my teeth hurt thinking about it. Try putting 1 candy cane in there just for them. Maybe make some cocoa Christmas morning and let your children stir it with the candy cane. Yummy!

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