Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

Were in the process of selling our home right now so everything has to be perfect in our home. Which is really hard to do with 4 daughters running around messing it up. One big problem we had was our dining set and rolling island. They were the wrong color and on their last leg. They worked for us when our children were younger but they deffinatly had to go. The dining set seated 6 and was made really sturdy. A few pen marks around here and a scratch around there. But what could we do? Couldnt afford a new set. Then there was the rolling island. I have a island at this home (bought at our old home that didnt have one) so I really didnt need this one. I never cut on it and rarely even used it. So this was our problem. Here's what we did to get ours for super cheap.

We researched what we liked and started looking around. http://www.craigslist.com/ was our best friend. We listed our table set and island and sold both within 1 week. For those not familure with craigs list, here's a quick note. Its a free tool for anyone to use. You can list anything you want to give away or sell and post pictures. People will email you and you come together with a plan to get it. This works well for local pick up. No shipping charges. Reccomended to meet in a public place. Our old dining set we sold for $125 to a family who really needed a set and had many children. Island was sold for $75 to a local older couple. $200 could now be used towards something else.

We found a table at Ikea for $299 and chairs we liked that were $59 each. Would of cost us $550 for a new set. Found the same table with 4 chairs on craigslist for $350. Out of pocket cost $150. Not bad if you ask me. We do need 2 more chairs so were looking for those right now. For now were using 2 chairs in our sitting room.

Then we decided to buy something from the same people who sold us this table. The matching buffet which orginally cost $350 at Ikea, sold it to us for $200. Again this would be out of pocket money but well worth it. It freed up my space in the kitchen. I was able to put all candles, holiday dishes, and many more things in this in return giving me much more space in my kitchen. I just love it.

So yes you can buy new things on a budet. We bought $900 worth of furniture but only paid $550. Pretty good savings if you ask me. This was a need thing. We need a good table set. We eat every dinner together at the table and we all need to fit. So this was money well spent.

We sold our old tv for $300 to a friend and found this flat screen tv at Costco for $699 (everywhere else wanted up to $999 for it). Used our $300 towards it so it was only $3.99. The stand was bought on sale for $150 (originally over $200). Again we sold something we had and bought at the best price we could find. We didnt like our bigger older tv which took up so much more space and opted for a smaller upgraded tv. And were able to do it without breaking our bank. $1,200 worth of furniture for only $550.

Quick note: These items were paid with cash. No credit cards at all. Why go through the trouble of tryinig to save money and pay with a credit card? Interest? No thank you. This way it paid for and out of the way. No bills popping up later. We bought exactly what we wanted but paid way less for it. You obviously dont have to spend this amount on what you want and can get things even cheaper, this is our style and we had the budget for it this month. You can also get stuff for almost free other ways. Swap with friends, there is even a FREE tab on craigs list too. You have to act quick though, they dont last long.

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