Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eco friendly Chrstmas Gift Challenge

So every year I put together baskets with a theme for each family. I do this for two reasons. #1 its budget friendly. I can control how much I spend on each basket. #2 I just enjoy the hunt. I'm a dork this way, I actually enjoy figuring out whats going to go in each basket. So this year is no different.
So here's my challenge. Instead of buying a new present for someone and spend $20 easily each person. Try to be Eco friendly and recycle. Hit your thrift stores. Most people love those things that they cannot find anymore. Like for me its Tupperware. Tupperware is close to my heart. Maybe you have a friend who's into vintage kitchen ware? Rubix cube? vintage quilts? Pampered Chef? Vintage board games? You name it, its there still. Lets save something from going into a landfill and recycle something old. Baskets are always in thrift stores. I even found vintage owl wrapping paper for only 50 cents yesterday. Yellow's and oranges and super pretty. Just sit down and think about each person and what they like. Or just pick things you like and want to share with them. Possibilities are endless.
If you are too worried about used things (have some friends like that) buy something recycled. There are so many companies who are selling recycled gift idea's. Or maybe just make cupcakes for everyone using Eco friendly baking cups. Whole Foods is a excellent place for this. Try out Trader Joe's. Another excellent place. Or just order online. Thousands of places to buy from.

Here's what I'm doing this year and how I do it for such low cost.

Kitchen Baskets
1 large basket-Few were found in a free bin at the local thrift store. SCORE! Then a few were found for only a quarter.
Whole wheat pancake mix-I am putting together the mix with flax seed and powdered milk. See recipe below.
Wooden Spoons-bought new at dollar store (4pc per pack). Sanitary to buy new ones.
Vintage Tupperware-for putting the mix in
Vintage Apron-found at thrift store for $1
Honey-little honey bee's from the Bee Movie. 2/$1
Basket filler-saved from packaging
Cookies-will be making and adding these to the basket
Cook books-I ordered for free from Gooseberry Patch , found for super cheap, or found at thrift stores.
Ornaments-were going to recycle items and make ornaments to put in each basket.
So far this is all I have but I'm still on the hunt. Here's how I break down the cost so far

I have 6 baskets to make
Ive spend about $2.50 on each so far.

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