Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday party on a budget

My daughter had her 8th birthday party today. Ive been trying to come up with budget friendly idea's for weeks now and this is what we ended up doing.
1. Handmade cards. We used paper from the art chest to use as cards and decorated with bits and pieces of other paper. She drew the earth and cut it out. Then we cut out arrows (3) to put around the globe. The reduce, reuse and recycle arrows. Inside were party details. She wanted everyone to wrap presents in scraps of paper they had, and wanted them to bring extra can's of food so she could donate it to the Oregon Food Bank.
2. Found party supplies in thrift stores. Alot of people donate stuff they didnt use at parties. Streamers, unused balloons, party gifts, etc. Found many items this way. Even found a table cover.
3. She picked two differant kinds of muffins she wanted and I made our cupcakes. (banana, and pumpkin) and then made frosting for on top. She suggested flax seed as well. lol
4. Saved my coupon I earned from Fred Meyers rewards $2 off any frozen food. Ice cream was 2/$5 so I ended up getting 2 differant ice creams for only $3.
4. Shop deals. 2 months ago Target was clearancing out their toys for new toys that were coming in. Littest Petshop is my girls favorite and they were on clearance. Stuffed LPS were only $3.50(normally $10) and found a LPS activity kit at Grocery Outlet for only $5.99 (normally $15). Alot of stores clearance out toys to get newer styles of toys and stuff so you can get some really good deals this way.My twins I bought Top Model barbies for only $3.50 each and gave them to them on their birthday 2 weeks ago. I just stashed them away.
5. Take advantage of $1 stores. They have really good deals on party supplies.
6. Use what you have. I used all our dishes and cups. Found disposable spoons made from corn at Whole Foods for only $1.20. They also have cheap party supplies that are recycled or biodegradable. Even cupcake papers.
7. Skip the meal. Alot of parents do the pizza thing or some kind of food. I planned this party around 2pm so it was after lunch and before dinner. This saved me a bundle.
8. Have the party at home. Free to do.
9. Borrow from friends. I dont have a cupcake tier so my neighbor lent me hers. And she borrows things from me. Free!
10. Cheap snacks. Pretzils, crackers, apple slices, pickles, or even popcorn are super cheap to make. Plus healthy. Kids will eat just about anything you throw in their faces.LOL

I think I paid around $20 for everything today. Not too bad. Parties can really add up so try to recycle what you can, try out thrift stores, and dont stress out. You will save alot of money and stress.

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