Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recycle Pledge

I know some of you are still trying out this recycle things, and alot of you are already doing it. But its very important that you stick to it and do all that you can do. Not only will this reverse the damage we (humans) have done, but save you money as well. There are tons of ways it saves you money, you just have to try them out. So take the pledge and pledge to yourself and your family that you are going to do your best to recycle.

I,your name here
Recycle at home, school, and work. Anywhere you can, do it.
Educate others on waste reduction and recycling. Children are especially interested in this so get them doing it while they are young. Hopefully our children will be able to reverse what our familes of the past have done.
Avoid hazardous chemicals and choose non-hazardous products whenever possible. There are tons of brands now that even Walmart has. Green Works, Seventh Generation, etc. Try them out. They work just as well if not better than the traditional ones. And your kids will be safer.
Dispose of paint and chemicals safely. Check your local recycling centers, not all recycle everything. They can give you a detail list.
Recycle my yard waste. Start a compost pile. Take a big trash bin, drill holes all around it, and throw all waste in it. Mix once in a while and you have excellent compost.
Recycle plastic shopping bags – participating supermarkets accept clean, dry plastic bags. Or how about not use a plastic bag if you have less than your hands can hold. OR better yet, bring your own bags.
Recycle button and cadmium batteries by taking them to designated collection sites. DO NOT throw them away.
Sell or donate old clothing, furniture, computers and appliances. Helps out the earth and others who cannot afford new clothes, furniture and appliances.
Borrow or rent books, tools and other items I’ll rarely use. Why buy when you can rent or borrow for almost free or free.
Install a rain barrel to recycle rain water. This can be used to water your garden. FREE!
Buy recycled products. Look for products with recycled content and packaging. Support these companies now and the prices will start falling on them.
Look for items that don't require packaging. This includes fresh produce or dry goods free of clear wraps, boxes and foam trays. I do this everytime I shop. Why pay for packaging?
Avoid individually wrapped portions such as cheese slices, fruit or single serving containers like juice. First they are overpriced. Second they usually are not as healthy items.
Select concentrated products such as frozen juice, fabric softeners or sauces that can be mixed in reusable containers. This will result in less wasteful packaging. And result in the item being less eventually.
Purchase the largest size or quantity practical. Buying in bulk greatly reduces waste. Also will save you a bundle. Sometimes not so calculate it before you buy.
Buy recyclable goods (e.g. cleansers in plastic pump bottles, not aerosol cans). Earth will feel better and so will you.
Choose reusable goods (e.g. buy rechargeable batteries, store leftovers in empty food containers instead of using plastic wrap or foil). You will save a bundle this way,especially people with kids. Batteries we go through like toilet paper.
Limit purchases and think before I buy – avoid impulse purchases and buy only what I need. I may want that soda but do I really need it? Chances are no. You will get over the craving. Have some water or juice instead. Its healthier and will save you money.
Please say you will take the pledge. It isnt hard to do and you will save a bundle doing this.

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