Sunday, November 9, 2008

Budget friendly ways to sell your home

I recently saw a episode of Design to sell on hgtv. It was the top ways to sell your home. Were currently getting ready to sell my home so it was the perfect timing. I thought I would pass on the info to those who want to sell their home but now spend alot of money. Most are FREE ways to spruce up your home. Here are a few.
1. Declutter your home. Pack away all trinkets, kids art projects, extra blankets, things that just lay around and serve no purpose.

2. Buy Beware. Fix everything you can. Dont be afraid, look up how to do it on the internet if you dont know how to. Broken light fixture, easy. Molding come undone, fix it. You get the idea. Most things are super easy, were just putting it off. And most of these things are free and easy to do.

3. Clean it up. Especially the kitchen and bathrooms. They are the most important and they will sell your house. Pull out all the cleaners you have and just clean. Grout, back splash, canisters, appliances, and just about everything. If you dont have money to paint, clean the walls as good as you can. If these places are dirty, the buyer will walk away. FREE to do.

4. Go neutral. If you paint, pick very warm neutral colors. People want to walk in and be able to just put their belongings in your home with no trouble. If you have a red wall, and the buyers dont like red, your out. So paint neutral. Ask friends if they have any left over paint or look for mark down paint in your local store. Alot of people pick the wrong colors, and return the paint. Their loss your gain. Very budget friendly.

5. Design to smell. Basically tell a friend to walk in your home and smell. Whatever they smell, the buyers will smell too. Animal smells are a red flag and buyers will walk away. Mold is another big no. So dont just smell, you wont smell it when you live there. Have a friend smell for you. Clean whatever is smelling or get rid of it. Have a friend watch your dog if thats what the smell is. Most friends will understand and help out. FREE!

6. Spring. Spring is the #1 time to sell your home. Not sure why but when spring time comes, people want to get out and find something new. Winter time is for serious buyers as well. They dont want to fart around, they want to buy and get done. Its too cold to mess around.

7. Clean and clean up. Your yard looking bad? Clear it out and clean it up. Pull weeds and dead plants. If you dont have money, this is the best thing you can do. Trim plants, pull weeds, rake leaves and cut your lawn. If you can budget it, buy some bark. HUGE improvement. Plant a few pretty flowers. Its worth the money. Or ask friends if they have any plants they want to get rid of, work those in. Very budget friendly.

8. Architectual Details. If you have a period home, accent these details. Beautiful detail always sell a home. Take your homes best features and glamour them up. Clean them up, paint them, and tell your realitor about them so they can show them off for you. Very budget friendly.

9. Front porch. This is a big indicator of what your home is gonna look like. Clean up, sweep, replace old rugs, put a few flower pots up there, and make it look welcoming. They will want to go in your home now. Try repainting your door, this is a huge improvement. Usually free.

10. Deck-it-out. You have a deck or patio? Make it usable. If you cannot afford getting patio furniture, borrow some from a friend just until your home sells. Make it look like another space in your home. Your home will look bigger in return. Fix anything that needs to be fixed, sweep it, clean it up and stage it. Maybe a cup of coffee, candle and a flower on the table. Make it look like you had coffee outside. Buyers love this. Very budget friendly.

11. Hello. The front door needs to wow them. Curb appeal is everything. Drive up to your home and just look at it. Walkway need weeded, do it. Plants need to be trimmed, do it. Lawn need watered, do it. Lights need cleaned, do it. Make your home look like they want to come inside. FREE!

12. Fireplace. Fireplaces sell a home. You have a beautiful fireplace? Uncover it, clean it up and have some lots in and burning. When they look at your home, they will feel warm and at home. Put a cup of coffee by it, a warm blanket on the couch, and they will want to buy your home just for that fireplace. Clean it, update it, and show it off. FREE!

13. Furniture placement. Pick a focal point in your room, and work your furniture around it. If you have too much furniture, store it. Make it simple. Work your lighting, and accent pieces. No personal touches. Not everyone loves those log cabin frames. So pack them away and be simple. FREE!

14. Details. If you have a small budget but want moldings, dont worry. You can get chair railing, put it up a few inches below your ceiling, and paint it white. It will look like molding but actually be a budget friendly faux. It tricks the eye. Paint from where the ceiling meets the wall down to the actual moldings. Looks like big molding but isnt. You can find chair railing for around 50 cents per foot. Way worth the money. If you have it already, dust it off and clean it up. Super budget friendly.

15. Dining table. Make it nice. Clean it off, and put a candle or vase of flowers. You can buy some, use silk ones you already have or just pick some wild flowers. Good trick to get rid of those scratches is wax pens. If you dont have them, ask friends. It will make those scratches disappear. Or you can use a fabric table cloth. Dont have one, borrow one from a friend. You want to make the buyers want to eat at your table. Remember to keep the flow in the dining room. Dont crowd it. Too crowded, try taking a chair or two out. Very budget friendly.

16. Know your compitition. Go to open house's around your home. Compare to yours. Watch the buyers point out details they like. Remember these when you stage your home. Use their idea's to spruce yours up. You can also get a good idea on how much you should sell yours. This is completely free and who doesnt like to look at other peoples homes? This one will be fun and RREE!

17. Pear it down. Make it simple. Declutter clossets. Pack away seasonal clothes and shoe's. Get some baskets from thrift stores or borrow some. Make it look like you have all the storage in the room. Storage room sells! Take out furniture if the room is small. Make it look bigger. Take away anything distracting. FREE!

18. Bedroom. Walk to your room and the first wall you see is the wall the bed should be on. Take any personal pictures down and replace with pretty non-distracting pictures. Neutralize any loud paint colors. Make the bed the focal point. Budget friendly.

19. Creat Luxury. Put nice bed linen's. Maybe make some pretty silky pillows. Buy discounted pillows from thrift stores to use their polyester filling. Buy some inexpensive fabric or use some sheets(also from thrift store) and make some pretty pillows. Or borrow some from a friend. Put a candle, maybe a magazine or book, and low lighting. Make it look like they can crawl in to bed at that moment. Budget friendly.

20. Clear out clossets. Organize them. Maybe by color, style, or type of item. This will give the illusion that you have tons of room left. FREE!

21. Price it to sell. If its not selling, cut the price. Look at competitors house's and under price them if you want to sell quick. You price it right, it will sell.

22. Bathroom. If you have the budget, use high end materials. You will get 100% of your money back promise. Master bedroom bathrooms sell homes. Replace old lighting, and paint will do a huge impact. Use #4 for idea's on this one. Check out your local hardware store weekly for markdowns on fixtures. Maybe tell everyone that your looking for one and they might have one thats better than yours that they replaced. Try . Super good deals there too. Another free thing to do it CLEAN IT! Bleech any grout, clean up any tubs, toilets and sinks. Clean cob webs. Buy new clean towells just for showing and dont use them. Or borrow some.

23. Pimp your vanity. Its the only piece of furniture you have. Declutter any storage area. Get rid of those 10 bottles of shampoo you have and pack them away, take anything out that you dont use everyday. When you get your new home, you can put them back. Make it look like you have tons of storage. Get some baskets from a friend or a thrift store. Put out pretty soaps, maybe a candle or even flowers. Make it simple but pimp your vanity. Very budget friendly.

24. Dont pour money down the drain. Dont buy expensive soaps, just use simple soaps. Dont buy things you dont need. You dont need to go buy new toothbrush holder with matching things. Use what you have just make it clean and simple. Or borrow things. This is wasting your money.

25. Wisk them away. Make your bathroom look like a spa. To get an idea of what to do, look up spa's on the internet. Take that idea and run with it. Make a simple candle holder with a plate, river rocks(maybe from your yard or buy 1 bag from $1 tree or $1 general) put a candle on it. Simple and pretty. Maybe spray some vanilla room spray before the buyers get there. Play some soothing music in the home. Very budget friendly .

26. Kitchen. One thing you can do is change the hardware. This can be as cheap as $50. This makes a huge impact. Paint old cabinets if you have the budget. Take out ugly drawer liners, clean off shelves, declutter the counter, clean clean clean, and even clean the trim. Clean everything. Kitchens sell homes. Budget friendly.

27. Counters. They must be clean and cleared. Have just a few key pieces in it. Kitchen aid mixer? Leave that one out. Griddle? Pack it. Paper towels? put it away. You get the idea. The most you put away, the bigger it looks. FREE!

28. Appliances. If you have the budget, replace with stainless steel. You will get 100% of your money back. If not, clean everything. Take off magnets and kids pictures from the fridge. No dishes in the dishwasher. No dishes period. Clean oven covers or replace if you can. Boil them to get them super clean. Clean inside of oven as well. Microwave too! People do not want to buy a home if the kitchen has any food or grime on it. CLEAN IT!!! its free!

29. Open floor plans in kitchen. Have a old home, take out a wall. Old homes kitchens were always seperate from dining rooms. Maybe just a pocket hole. You want to see your guest as they eat. Open floor plants sell homes. This can be done on a budget. Ask around your friends if they know anyone who has done this. You can get the materials, throw a party, buy some pizza and drinks. Most men will do anything for food and drinks. LOL! and same goes with painting.

30. Go with the flow. Have a square dining table, borrow a friends oval or circle one. If its in the budget, buy one. You can find many on or your local paper for 50% or more off retail price. WORTH IT. It improves the flow and makes it look roomier. Same goes with furniture. Make sure people can walk around your home with ease.

31. Trash to treasure. Take a room you dont use and turn it into something else. Small room you use for storage, turn it into a bedroom if it has a closset. Just make it simple and it will look bigger. No closset, turn it into a study. Maybe a exercise room. Turn nothing into something. FREE!!!

32. Match your home to your home style. You have a newer home, make it look more modern. Have a old farm home, turn it a tid bit country. Accent your home with its style. This sells homes! Alot of people look for specific home styles.

33. Complete the picture. Make it move in ready. Fix everything from shoe scuffs on the wall, to wall paint colors, to cleaning the carpet. Home owners dont have to have to fix anything. Do it for them. Most are free fix's or budget friendly.

34. Take what you have and make it better. Clean up wood furniture with wood cleaner. Borrow a carpet cleaner and clean the couch, declutter all shelves, etc. You get the idea. Use what you have and make it better.

35. Go over the top. Think its good, make it better. Ask a friend their openions. Get another persons point of view.

#1 tip is "Dont do nothing" it wont sell your home.

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