Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bread Store finds-Scappoose and St Helens Residents heads up!

I have posted before about The Bread Store but for those who havent read it or heard of it, here I go. In a local town by mine, there is a store called The Bread Store and a Thrift Store right behind it. Its all done by Donations and Volenteers which are all seniors. The Bread Store is a small building kinda like a hidden treasure. Its right on a major highway but no one see's it really. I heard from a freind of mine (thanks Jen!) about it and finally after a few weeks, I found it randomly. I walked in and was amazed. Right inside the door is a desk with a sign in sheet. They keep track of how many people get help by counting signatures. On the Desk is a donation box. They dont require a donation but if you have it, give what you can. Sometimes $1 or sometimes I have no cash or any cash on me and I will give more later. You are allowed to take 2 bags at a time, although ive seen some take more but I think they are there for others too. One table has rolls, buns, and things like that. One shelf has tortilla's, jar pickles, etc. One shelf has english muffins and bagels. Then the next table has white bread, and the next has whole wheat bread. They even have a fridge for parishable items. You pick what you want. Sometimes they have signs saying please take only 1 on this shelf. On the outside of the building, they also have box's of produce for free. All seniors with gardens or fruit tree's will donate the left overs to the store.
You sign in, donate, and take what you want. I go here once a week to stock up on this weeks food. Here's what I brought home yesterday.

1 bag of rolls with poppyseeds. Used with dinner last night
2 bags of whole wheat english muffins. Use for breakfast every morning
1 bag of blueberry bagels. Breakfast this week
4 bags of whole wheat bread. Lunches this week
2 lbs of apples.used for lunches this week
1 large pumpkin-will bake (then freeze) and use for muffins, cake, pies, etc.

All of this is free. I donated $1. These items alone would cost me over $23

Thrift Store
Behind this same building is a thrift store. Again all done by seniors. Unlike Goodwill, they dont care what money they make as long as they make money. Everything is priced super cheap. This store alone has given me almost my entire Tupperware collection. Here's what I bought:
1 Tupperware Dispencer 30 cents
2 small Tupperware cups 30 cents
4 large Tupperware cups 30 cents
This place is the best. I buy anything I can there before I even think about buying something new. Kitchen ware, Halloween costumes (only $3 for 4 costumes!), blankets, Tupperware, shoe's, etc. My girls were the grim reaper, a clown, fire fighter and a vampire. Made the reapers weapon out of a broom handle and foil. I just love this place!

Highway 30 south, pass light at Fred Meyers. On right hand side look for white sign that says "The Bread Store" open mon-sat 10am-2pm. White building on the right. Thrift store is right next door.
I dont have the actual address, sorry!

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