Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Baldwin's and the February Food Budget $52.14

Phew! It's been crazy around my house this weekend. Let me get you up to speed.
My daughter had her science fair on Friday.  Walking around the gym brought back memories of my middle school days. I don't miss them. I was awkward. Very unsure times. Ick. Thankfully my daughter is very head strong. She flew through with flying colors. Phew! High School in September for her. Sad mama.
I had to pick up a birthday gift for my other "child" at Whole Foods. Happy Birthday Carli!! I love you to pieces.  While I was there they were having a one day sale on organic oranges for 79 cents a pound. Woot! I picked up $5 worth for my girls lunches this week. Each of my daughters get a half an orange cut up & put into a mason jar.  I love orange season! 
Whole Foods is my favorite place to find gifts. What 13 year old girl wouldn't like handmade soaps? Especially ones with a tub and bubbles in it? And who wouldn't like their very own chocolate explosion cupcake? Exactly. LOVE WHOLE FOODS!

My friend Theresa let me know she had some produce for me again. Theresa you rock! One head of organic lettuce, some organic potatoes and a bottle of liquid amino's.  She just couldn't do the switch from soy sauce to liquid amino's. I recommend it highly. I LOVE liquid amino's.  Have you ever looked at the sodium content in regular soy sauce? You must look.  Holy moly its scary. Liquid amino's taste so yummy and you use it anywhere you would use soy sauce. Much healthier! Check it out here. Don't forget to get a free sample here.
My niece Emily and nephew Michael came over to play yesterday.  First thing they did was dig for worms and feed the chickens. My favorite part was when they would give one of the chickens a worm the other chickens would chase that chicken for a good minute trying to get their worm. Just listening to the kids giggle made my heart melt.  Chickens were so happy. Well until we found a rather large worm. They wanted nothing to do with that large worm.
All was going so well until this happened. Emma didn't have a shovel, she was tired from getting up way too early yesterday and our day was busy.  All came crashing down in this moment. Look at that lip. Makes me melt.

Today I will be doing my weekly grocery shopping.  Be sure to check out my page later today. Until then enjoy your day!

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