Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Food Budget $128.55 and some chicken love


$2.00 Organic Blue Chips (sale $3 used $1 off coupon)
$2.73 Seedless Grapes ($1.99 per lb)
$1.51 Natural Chicken Legs ($1.29 per lb use for chicken soup)
$1.00 Sunshine Dairy Sour Cream ($1.50 used .50 cents off coupon)
$1.99 Chipotle Salsa
$1.50 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half
$2.79 Organic Vanilla Yogurt (on sale treat for the girls)
$3.99 Gallon Organic Milk (everyday low price now woot!)
$2.36 Organic Heirloom Tomatoes (YUMMY!!! Treat)
$1.99 Veg Fed Large Eggs



$1.99 Aluminum Foil (been a yr since I bought some)
$5.09 Organic Oranges (sale .99 cents per lb)
$1.88 Organic Celery ($1.49 per lb)
.84 Organic Asparagus (sale $1.99 per lb & I think I will go back to buy more. Excellent price)
$7.74 All natural ground pork 2lbs

TOTAL minus bag credit =17.44

Making my February total $128.55

Love that my girls play outside for hours.  Even my 13 year old still plays with her sisters outside.  Even though she would never admit it to anyone.  She pulled the girls around in their wagon's and dug a river in the mud and made a bridge for them.  Sister love!

My husband added a few more things to the coop.  Shingles on the roof, new hinges because he didn't like the other ones he used, and he added hinges to the brooder so I can get eggs when they start laying. 
Girls have a new ramp to the coop. It's so beautiful.  He made it and I soaked it with linseed oil to weather proof it a bit.  Girls are getting in their coop much better now.
I invested in a larger metal feed feeder which cost me $21.00.  Could of purchased a lid for it as well but I had a large terra cotta saucer that worked just find.  Next payday I will invest in a large metal water feeder.  This plastic one bugs the heck out of me.  I don't use plastic and my chickens won't either. But this one works for now. Girls eye balled it for a long time but are now using it just fine. 
Speaking of girls, look at them.  They are getting so big.  Lulu (black) is still the sweetest of all 4 of them.  Lucy is nice but doesn't like to be held for long. Lulu on the other hand is comfortable snuggling with me all day long. Lulu we call the worm guzzler now. For being the smallest chicken she sure eats her weight in worms compared to the others. 
We used a branch to make the girls perch.  They have been sleeping in the brooder and I don't want them to make a habit of that.  So for now I put a metal thing in the brooder so they have to use the perch at night. We will see how tonight goes. I cleaned out the coop so its nice and tidy in there. 

Now its time for the garden to get cleaned up.  Need to get all the stuff out of the greenhouse so I can make way for starts which I will start doing this week.  Once I clean the garden I can have my girls decorate the garden with our garden animals, gnome's and other things. 
For now we will just be hanging out in the house for the rest of the day.  A nice fire was the right treat. 

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Angela Wilder said...

omG they're huge! Nice job chicken mommy!