Monday, February 6, 2012

Frugal Fashions

Today I rumaged through my closset and decided to throw on this.  Its beautiful and sunny out so out game the summer top and flip flops. Now thats how you know a true Oregonian. It's going to be 55 degree's out and I'm already wearing summer clothes.

Gap top-Bought from Gap years ago for $4.99
Hollister Skinny Jeans-$8 clearance sale
Cardigan-No idea when I bought this forever ago
Teva flip flops-Goodwill Outlet 50 cents (bought by the pound)

I think this outfit should be considered free because Ive had all these clothes forever.  Because its so warm outside I folded my skinny jeans into Capri's to top the outfit off.  And because I couldn't decide which picture to share, you get both.

Now I'm off to get groceries. See you all later!

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