Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gnocchi Dinner

Dinner was sorta a last minute thought.  I was so busy getting the house clean and my daughter off to soccer that I totally forgot we eat food.   Here is what I put together.

.99 Gnocchi (Grocery Outlet)
$1.00 Organic tomato paste (Whole Foods)used rest of a jar from another meal
$1.00- Corn
$1.75 Natural Ground Beef ($3.49 per lb) only used 1/2 a pound.
FREE-Fresh Organic Parsley (thanks Theresa!)

Fed 5 people tonight.
Thats only .94 cents per person. Woot!

Not factoring in the bread because we only used a few slices.  Plus im lazy which doesn't help.   Not bad for a dinner on the go. 

Note:My lovely model for the picture is Megan. Only the most adorable little girl ever.  So adorable that she has a twin sister. I get double the cuteness.

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