Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Food Budget $270.80


$2.99 Tillamook Butter RBST Free (local!)
$2.99 Organic 5lb bag of Russet Potatoes
$1.16 Organic Celery
$3.71 Organic Navel Oranges (girls lunches .79 cents a lb sale)

TOTAL minus bag credit=$10.80


$26.77 Natural Pork Shoulder (no hormones, sale $2.49 per lb)
.42 Organic Ginger (for tea-hubs has a cold)
$2.83 Organic Mushrooms
$3.99 Organic Gallon of Milk
$1.81 Organic Asparagus ($1.99 sale woot!)
$2.69 Organic Coconut Cream (for coffee test)

TOTAL minus bag credit=$38.51

First thing I want to talk about is the meat I bought.  Natural pork shoulder was on a super sale so I bought 3 large pieces.  I ended up cutting all the fat off and stored it in the freezer for my dog.  She loves that stuff.  The rest of the meat was separated into 1/2 pound packs and put into the freezer.

I will not have to buy meat for a while now. Woot!

Someone recommended organic coconut cream for a creamer alternative for my coffee.  The only thing I found was this pack so I will keep an eye out for a glass option each time I shop. 

Next you can see a bottle of White Willow.  This was a ibuprofen alternative that again one of you recommended to me.  At $8.99 its not the most economical buy but I wanted to test it out. If it works well I will look for a glass alternative.  All Whole Foods has was this bottle which is plastic.  Not included in my food budget because its not food. 

Last but not least the yogurt is something my twins have been asking for. They are on a yogurt kick for breakfast.  They love a small bowl of organic yogurt with ground flax seed and a half an organic orange cut up. Very healthy breakfast!

So my February total is more than my January total and I'm okay with that. I bought a bunch of meat so that will save me over the next few weeks.  Plus I've been getting organic fruit for pretty cheap and again saving me money. I'm in a great place with my food budget. 

Also want to note that all plastic and paper you see here will be recycled and can be recycled because its the reason I buy food in these packages.  It all depends on whats in my budget and if I can find a good sale.

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