Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frugal Fashions

Today is cleaning day so I wore something comfortable.  Since its just me home I have to take my own picture. Try is the word of the day.
Seems like my daughter takes after her mommy.  Emma wanted me to take her picture and this is the pose she decided to go with.

Okay lets try a different way of taking the picture. No, I'm not feeling this pose.
 How about this one mommy? Well you do have a cute tush but no this one isn't working for me sweetie.

Okay this one seems to be the best.  I started giggling at myself because it just seems just comical that it takes me this long to take a picture of myself. 
Oh Emma. Look at your inner diva.  Whats with the crazy wild child look? Oh you get that from me....oops.

Hollister Tank-10 cents Goodwill Outlet
Aeropostale Capr's-FREE My awesome sister gave them to me!

Not bad for a ten cent outfit. Woot!

Now back to cleaning....

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