Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Food Budget $221.49


$3.98 Puffy Cheddar Puffs (girls lunch snacks)
$2.58 Organic Spaghetti Pasta (2 bags)
$3.87 Organic Fusilli Pasta (3 bags)
$3.98 Can Clams Maine (2 cans, trying something new)
$2.49 Sliced Almonds (daughters request)
$5.99 Olive Oil
$3.69 Organic Free Range Eggs (cheapest around my home!)
$1.99 Horseradish (glass jar! Trying something new)


The organic pasta is prepackaged so no need to send me a email.  Bulk organic pasta is $3.99 and up where I live. Not a budget friendly item.  Since we eat a ton of pasta, this is my only option.  Once its just the hub's and I then I will buy bulk.  All plastic is recycled of course.  Just bugs the crap out of me.  I swear the plastic laughs at me. Damn plastic!

I have something to fess up.  I buy Schwan's sometimes.  To be fair its not very often.  Years ago we would buy their corn because it was the sweetest corn I could find. I'm talking sweet! Then once in a while we would buy ice cream cones from them when it was nice.  Ive successfully avoided the Schwan guy for about 2 months but he caught me tonight. Really I should just tell him that we are no longer buying their items.
Tonight I decided to try their pizza's out.  Usually my husband order's Pizza Hut (I know I know!!! ).  But since there is 6 of us we have to order 3 pizza's and that's $30. Delivery not included!  Schwan's pizza's are only $7 or so each.  Plus they had a sale for $2 off when you buy 3. So I spent $23 on 3 pizza's.  I know for sure these are healthier than the Pizza Hut ones.  These will go into the freezer until my husband gets a pizza craving.  It's a win win if you ask me.  Way healthier and cheaper. 

I didn't include this in my food bill because its a extra special thing we do about once a month.  If my husband wants pizza then he has to pay for it. Nuff said. Ha ha.

So fess up, what do you do that you feel guilty about? I know there is something!!! Share with the class!

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